13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi [Blu-ray/DVD] [Eng/Fre/Spa] [2016]

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Pulse Pounding Posted by: from: on I know, the phrase "pulse pounding" is greatly over used these days, but believe me when I say this movie is a freakin nasty pulse pounding action machine!!!!!!!! If you are like me, and the mere idea of special forces guys running an operation makes you giddy, then this is a must see. It has legit action, nail biting suspense, and dash of feel good all rolled into one awesome movie that I would put on the same level as Black Hawk Down!!!!

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An outstanding Movie Posted by: from: Menifee, CA on The Liberal media critics slammed this movie ........... The people who actually watched this movie gave it 5 Stars . The movie did not talk political sides .... but it made you wonder :What happened to the calvary? " A surprisingly very well made movie .

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Excellent Movie Posted by: from: on 13 Hours was much better than I expected and appears to be very factual according to the records.

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Great movie Posted by: from: Attica, IN on Wow, this was fantastic, especially after reading the book... I actually got to see the layout and which was totally different from what I had envisioned when I read it, haha. Anyway, the book cussed a bit but the movie has a lot more cussing if you care. It's a true story, btw. Makes you kinda mad what they went through and had to go through after they returned.

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Exciting, serious, and excellent Posted by: from: on When this first came out, it received a lot of political criticism. I don't see that. It is not an anti-Hillary movie. Yes, it touches on the lack of air support and very briefly mentions the "YouTube video" that was initially blamed for the attack, but those are not the focus of the film at all. (Ms. Clinton is never mentioned by name, nor even referenced directly.) The movie is, as far as I can tell, a respectable telling of what occurred on-site during that fateful night. It shows the people, what it's like to be in a tense location like that, and what they went through. It should be watched by anyone hoping to better understand what happened. I am sure there are some inaccuracies and some artistic license was used, as is the case with any movie based on real events, but I think it does an excellent job of portraying what it was like for the people trying to survive a horrible situation.

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Thriller based on reality Posted by: from: on The movie provides the perspective of contractors hired for protection of a government outpost in Libya during the midst of an overnight uprising. It is an account of the incident that resulted in the death of the US Ambassador to Libya. It's an engaging triller that provides a mixed perception of the military.. It raises question about its response. there is expected poetic license. However, it indicates the gallantry of the contractors in their effort to save the lives of diplomatic and apparent CIA personnel stationed their. It properly does not demonize anyone and serves to properly characterize the real risks of being stationed overseas as a civilian and portrays some of them as being heroic and well trained. Others are not treated that well. It also identifies the frustration created by the incident that has been publicized. It is adult viewing be cause of the serious and at time graphic depiction of the incident. It is an engaging viewing experience.

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An excellent film on the Benghazi tragedy Posted by: from: on This is a well scripted and extremely well acted film about the attempted defense of the CIA compound during the Islamic terrorist attack on a US consulate safe house in Benghazi. While the film stays away from the political snafu's that led to the attack and the lack of support they received, it does focus well on the members of the security team - former military/special forces - working for the CIA that defended the compound and the two who gave their lives in doing so. The film also gives a nice background to the team members, showing their regular lives, families, etc., which gives the viewer a better idea as to who these men were and makes it a more personal movie, not one which simply focuses on the combat action at the compound. On that note, the film gives the viewer a very good idea what special forces members are capable of and how well they fight, especially against unbelievably overwhelming odds, that gives one a good accounting of our armed forces, their skill, experience and dedication. Despite the tragic outcome of the Benghazi incident, this is an excellent film and I can't recommend it highly enough.

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A tense heart-grabbing story of sacrifice Posted by: from: on Based off of the book "13 Hours" this movie kept to the facts and events as they unfolded. Michael Bay did an incredible job! It outwardly makes no political statement and as Michael Bay remarked, you can draw your own conclusions. You will be dismayed and probably ashamed that the greatest nation on earth couldn't help 6 men do the right thing. Fortunately, they did do the right thing...and the CIA operatives in Benghazi who lived to tell about it, have those 6 men, and only those 6 men to thank.

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incredible!!!!!!! Posted by: from: on Amazing film, shows the truth about Obama and Clinton, just doesnt use their names like i was hoping, these men are heroes for what they did! very realistic, well done! bought it the day it came out!

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Six Men Had The Courage To Do What Was Right Posted by: from: on 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is a comparatively mature and restrained effort from Michael Bay, albeit one that can't quite boast the impact its fact-based story deserves.

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