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Introducing REGZA — the new premium line of LCD Flat-Panel HDTVs from Toshiba. REGZA redefines LCD display quality, taking Toshiba LCD HDTVs to a new level of picture performance. REGZA TVs also boast exceptional sound, as well as a truly elegant gloss-black cabinet design that will grace any home theater décor. Read on to learn why you'll want to make your next TV a REGZA.

REGZA is faster
Superior processing creates a superior picture. The secret to REGZA's amazing performance is a blazing-fast new Toshiba processor that erases previous assumptions about what an LCD display can do. It's the key to many of the features that set REGZA TVs apart from previous models, and from the competition. REGZA brings you "home theater at the speed of sight," delivering crisper, cleaner image detail than was previously possible in an LCD display.

Here are just a few of the technologies that drive REGZA's extraordinary performance:
  • PixelPure™ 3G, Toshiba's 3rd-generation video-processing system, outputs an accurate 12-bit video signal that delivers an astonishing 16 times greater image depth than that produced by ordinary 8-bit processors. The system is capable of 4096 levels of gradation (or shades of gray), for fluid, natural color transitions without color banding.

  • CineSpeed™ LCD panel is 33% faster than previous Toshiba LCD panels, with a cell-response time of 8ms or better on all REGZA models. This virtually eliminates the latency ("ghosting," "trailing" or "smearing") that commonly plagues ordinary LCD displays. The new panel also features a specially designed glare-reducing screen surface for better viewing in a wide range of lighting conditions.

  • DynaLight™ Dynamic Backlight Control monitors the brightness levels of every frame in real time and adjusts backlighting accordingly. This improves dynamic contrast performance fivefold, resulting in deeper blacks and greater picture depth. Conversely, Dynamic Gamma™ increases luminance in "busy" areas of the picture, enhancing gray-scale performance for noticeably improved fine detail.

  • ColorBurst™ expands the display's color palette and improves color accuracy, significantly enhancing color purity and saturation for a more vibrant, realistic picture. Select REGZA models add the ColorMaster™ Color Management System, which provides discrete control over hue, saturation and brightness for six different colors and lets you fine-tune the picture to your exacting standards.

  • ClearFrame™ 120Hz Anti-Blur Technology doubles the frame rate of standard LCD displays, using superior Motion Vector Frame Interpolation to intelligently generate frames-between-frames for velvety-smooth, natural motion. In combination with the CineSpeed LCD panel's superior response rate, ClearFrame virtually eliminates motion blur, even with fast-moving 1080p video.

  • Native Mode (available on all models featuring REGZA XHD 1080p technology) offers pixel-for-pixel reproduction of all 1920 x 1080 pixel sources via any of the 3 HDMI inputs. This eliminates picture-degrading image scaling and restores the 3%-5% of picture size that is typically lost in the overscanning process. So you don't just see a clearer picture, you actually see more of what you're intended to see.
Thin speakers, fat sound
Toshiba REGZA HDTVs don't just look incredible. They sound remarkable, too, thanks to Toshiba's exclusive SoundStrip™ audio system. Powered by a suite of SRS® WOW® psychoacoustic processing technologies, the SoundStrip system creates an enveloping, authoritative, focused sound field. It's contained within a thin rectangular strip at the bottom of the cabinet, removing any visible trace of speakers and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of every REGZA TV.

Looks that kill
And what about those aesthetics? Suffice it to say that one glance at REGZA's seductive lines and lustrous piano-black finish makes it clear that these are no ordinary TVs. There's sure to be a REGZA model that will perfectly accentuate your home décor.

Talk about a match made in heaven! When you combine a new REGZA TV with a Toshiba HD DVD Player, you're equipped for the very best experience home theater has to offer. REGZA TVs deliver pixel-for-pixel reproduction of HD DVD signals without scaling or overscanning, for the purest high-definition picture available.
  • Ideal for pairing with any model featuring REGZA XHD 1080p display technology, the new Toshiba HD-A20 HD DVD Player delivers a true 1080p output signal to drive that advanced REGZA technology to its limits. The HD-A20 is optimized for use with any 1080p-capable TV.

  • Owners of Toshiba REGZA model 32HL67 TVs should opt for the Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD Player, which is identical to the HD-A20 but features a maximum 1080i output resolution. The HD-A2 is specifically intended for use with HDTVs not featuring 1080p display capability.