Klipsch The Ultimate Sound Experience™Klipsch CS-700 2.1 Home Theater System with Wireless KlipschCast Technology
Applying the same kind of horn-loaded magic that makes Klipsch a worldwide leader in the professional cinema industry, the CS-700 brings astonishingly big movie theater sound to the comforts of home.
Klipsch CS-700
Sized to fit into any room, this 2.1 home theater system — featuring just two compact satellite speakers, a wireless subwoofer and an A/V module — creates enveloping virtual surround sound performances that put you smack-dab in the middle of the action. It does so by applying Dolby Virtual Speaker technology, which simulates the effect of a five-speaker surround system.

Available in a sleek black finish, the CS-700 home entertainment system offers a clean, modern design that fits comfortably into any living environment. Plus, its wireless subwoofer offers complete placement ease. Essentially plug-and-play, the entire system can be operating in as little as 10 minutes.

And through proprietary KlipschCast technology, the CS-700 not only transmits CD-quality audio to its wireless subwoofer, but also to the Klipsch RoomGroove iPod® speaker (sold separately). So, when you own a CS-700 and one or more RoomGrooves, you can wirelessly send music or movie sound throughout your home.
Klipsch CS-700
CS-700 Features:
  • Wirelessly broadcasts CD-quality audio to local subwoofer and RoomGroove
  • Wireless 200-watt subwoofer offers hard-hitting bass
  • Horn-loaded satellites deliver theater-style impact
  • DVD/CD player, AM/FM tuner
  • HDMI output, upscalable to 1080i
  • Satellite/cable input, two auxiliary inputs with component output
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker technology simulates 5-channel sound
  • Universal IR remote directs all system functions
  • Satellite speakers are wall-mountable

Audio Everywhere — Wirelessly!
Both award-winning members of the KlipschCast family, the CS-700 and RoomGroove take Klipsch's stunningly precise sound to entirely new levels of superiority and simplicity, letting you stream CD-quality music and movie soundtracks throughout your home. There's no wire, no holes to drill and no difficult, time-consuming setup!

Simply, through KlipschCast, the CS-700 home theater system sends a wireless audio signal to one or more RoomGroove iPod speakers. This signal can be the same one playing on the CS-700 or something entirely different. The CS-700 is capable of playing up to two separate sources at the same time. For example, the CS-700 can play a DVD movie in the living room, while the RoomGroove broadcasts the CS-700's AM/FM tuner in the kitchen.
The robust 2.4GHz wireless technology found in the CS-700 and RoomGroove offers unlimited add-on opportunities. Plus, the technology "sniffs out" the entire 2.4GHz band to detect other wireless technologies in use, such as wireless routers, and then transmits around the spectrum used by those sources. The home code dial on each of these wireless speakers allows users to select a code specific to all of the units in their homes to avoid interference with neighboring systems.