Monitor and Control Your Home While You're on Vacation
Monitor and Control Your Home While You're on Vacation

Your family vacation has finally arrived. You're ready to relax. You've earned it. You step onto the beach and start to enjoy your down time. So, why can't you get rid of the nagging feeling that you forgot something? Did you forget to set a lighting schedule to make it look like someone's always home? Did you really lock all the doors and close all the windows? Is the garage door open? Or maybe an appliance was left on in your rush to get out the door.

These are the kinds of things that can take the relaxation out of your vacation. Fortunately, there's an answer.

The Solution

With Best Buy's Home Management Solutions, you can monitor your entire house and control your lights and appliances. When you're in charge, wherever you might be, it's easier to relax.

Now you can easily log into your home network using an application for your smartphone or computer to put your mind at ease. Monitor your entire house with as many as 5 different cameras. Wherever you are, you'll get crystal clear HD images that let you know all is well at home. Or, set a different lighting schedule to make it look like someone is always home. Check to make sure your doors are locked securely. If you notice the temperature changing back at home, adjust your thermostat accordingly. It's your home, at your finger tips.

Here's how they work:

Use one of the solutions from Best Buy that connects your indoor and outdoor lights, security cameras, thermostat, and other household items to a communication system. This system creates a home network that you can log into and control from virtually anywhere.

Learn more about the products that let you get the most out of your vacation by giving you true peace of mind. Check out how they work together, learn the relative cost associated with each solution, and get some information about installing your new system.

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