Eureka designs products with unique features and benefits geared toward your needs. Eureka has gained recognition as one of the top vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world, selling products throughout North America and in 44 other nations. Eureka offers a full-line of vacuums from uprights and canisters, to hand-held and stick vacuums. Eureka also manufactures and offers original replacement parts, including bags, belts, and filters for all Eureka models.

Eureka vacuums are equipped with features that allow you to completely clean your home. Whether the mess is large or small, high or low, a powerful Eureka is easy to use and will leave you with the clean home you deserve.

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Eureka Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster
The new Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster is the industry's only high-tech feather duster that attracts dust like a magnet. A simple flick of a switch sets the duster in motion inside its holster, quickly spinning it around to build up an electrostatic charge that grabs hold of dust and dirt instantly. Place the duster back in the holster and flip the switch to suction the dirt directly into the machine — no messy shaking is required and dirt is completely contained. The new telescoping handle extends up to 36".
Eureka Powered Edge Kleener™
The exclusive Powered Edge Kleener™ is an innovative tool developed to reach pesky dirt and dust that nestle along walls and carpet edges. Eureka's designers added a circular spinning brush on one side of the vacuum that reaches within millimeters of baseboard edges — so less time is spent going over and over these areas with multiple cleaning tools.
Eureka Power Paw™ Stair Brush with Riser Visor®
Power Paw™ Stair Brush with Riser Visor® — Eureka-invented Riser Visor, a flip-top hood, for its Power Paw stair and upholstery brush. This is the only on-board tool that cleans both horizontally and vertically. Flip the Riser Visor shield up and it exposes the brush on an angle that makes tackling stair risers and upholstery backs a breeze. Flip the shield down and the brush converts to horizontal cleaning for upholstery seats and stair steps.
Eureka Lightweight Vacuums
Lightweight — Take cleaning further with lightweight vacuums. Eureka lightweight vacuums clean anywhere, even up and down the stairs, without excess bulk. They may be lightweights, but they still pack the power and features to clean big spills and do quick pick-ups with ease. A lightweight is the right choice for convenient everyday cleaning. And because they are also easy for anyone in the family to use, and easy to store in tight spaces, they are a great choice for a second vacuum. See our selection.

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