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Leading-edge Laundry Solutions

Meet your laundry needs with the latest innovative technologies in design and performance, sure to bring power and convenience to any laundry room.
Whether you want speed, ease of use,
allergen-reduction or a quieter machine,
find the right laundry solution for you.

Leading-edge Laundry Solutions
Electrolux – Laundry done faster
Finish your laundry in less time with Electrolux washers and dryers. In as little as 36 minutes flat you can do an entire load of laundry – both washing and drying! Make time for the things you love and spend less time doing laundry.
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GE Profile – Laundry done smarter
Take the guesswork out of laundry with GE Profile frontload washers and dryers. The frontload washer offers SmartDispense technology, which stores and dispenses six months worth of detergent and fabric softener when used with the optional SmartDispense pedestal. The H2ition feature assigns the right temperature and amount of water for each load. GE Profile helps you get it right every time.
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LG – Laundry done healthier
The LG SteamWasher uses steam to break down and wash away allergens in fabrics. The exclusive Allergiene allergy-reduction cycle is proven to remove 95% of dust mites and domestic pet dander, and it's gentle enough for everyday use. Steam your way to a healthier clean.
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Samsung VRT – Laundry done quieter
The extra-large capacity Samsung VRT washer, which utilizes Vibration Reduction Technology, does a superb job of reducing noise and vibration while still remaining powerful. This washer also includes SilverCare technology for cleaning delicate and colored fabrics. SilverCare removes odor-causing bacteria in cold water without using bleach, which is naturally kinder to the environment. Enjoy the power of quiet.
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