Put Your Home to Sleep, While You Go to Sleep
Put Your Home to Sleep, While You Go to Sleep

It's time to get ready for bed and go about your nightly routine. Maybe you turn off the TV first, then lock the doors and turn off the lights. You head upstairs to brush your teeth. You're finally drifting off to sleep. But wait. Did you really turn off all the lights? Is that the TV you hear downstairs? Did you adjust the thermostat? Most importantly, are your doors locked, or did you skip that step?

You get out of your cozy bed, and make your rounds. You check the lights, the thermostat and the doors. It's no fun, and can disrupt your quality of sleep if you're worried about the state of your home as you go to bed.

The Solution

Let Best Buy take the worry and hassle out of home monitoring and control. Now, you can check on the status of your home right from your bed. Of course you turned the lights off. You can see the status of each circuit on your computer screen. Rest assured that your doors are locked securely. You can see their status right in front of you.

Beyond home security and convenience, do you have a special light setting that's perfect for watching movies in the family room? Rather than walking to each light switch to turn them off or on, what if you could do it all with one touch of a button? What if you could create the ideal lighting scene for your outdoor barbeques? It's all possible with Best Buy home management systems.

Here's how they work:
Using your smartphone or computer, log into your home system to control your lights, set lighting schedules, check the status of appliances, and even control the thermostat.

Learn more about the products that let you put your home to sleep while you're going to sleep. Check out how they work together, learn the relative cost associated with each solution, and get some information about installing your new system.

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