Types of Dishwashers

Standard built-in

Standard built-in — The most popular type of dishwasher, standard built-in models install under kitchen cabinetry and connect directly to household plumbing for an integrated look. They typically measure 24 inches across and accommodate between 12 and 16 place settings in a single load.

Compact built-in

Compact built-in — Tailored to households with limited cabinet space, this pared-down version of the standard built-in dishwasher typically measures 18 inches across and has a capacity of about eight place settings.


Double-drawer — Two entirely separate washing compartments, arranged in a vertical drawer configuration, allow enhanced washing flexibility for large and small loads as well as easy loading and unloading. Double-drawer dishwashers typically have about the same overall capacity as standard built-in models, but the option to efficiently wash a small load when desired is a real energy-saver.


Single-drawer — Essentially half of a double-drawer dishwasher in half the space, single-drawer models are popular in common living areas like a home theater room or wet bar.


Portable — Available in both caster-equipped floor models and more compact countertop styles, portable dishwashers are ideal for renters, apartment dwellers or anyone who lacks the under-counter space for a built-in model. They connect to household plumbing via a hose with a faucet attachment and can be stored out of the way when not in use. Smaller tabletop models are a good choice for households with no more than two people.

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