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Warm Up Your House Before You Get There
Warm Up Your House Before You Get There

It's time to leave work, but when you walk outside, you realize the forecast was a little off today. It's cold! You drive home and open the front door. What's the first thing you do?

You go straight for the thermostat, turn it up, and wait for the furnace to kick in so you can take off your jacket.

But what if you?re having people over for dinner and they arrive before the house heats up? What's the alternative? Do you leave your thermostat turned up all day and waste the money and resources to keep your home warm even while you're away?

The Solution

With a home energy management system from Best Buy, it's easy and affordable to control your thermostat from anywhere. Walk into a warm house every day, without burning the money to keep it constantly heated.

Beyond home security and convenience, do you have a special light setting that's perfect for watching movies in the family room? Rather than walking to each light switch to turn them off or on, what if you could do it all with one touch of a button? What if you could create the ideal lighting scene for your outdoor barbeques? It's all possible with Best Buy home management systems.

Here's how they work:
A wireless thermostat replaces your existing unit. Then, using your smartphone or computer, log into your home system to control the temperature of your house from anywhere.

Learn more about the products that let you control your thermostat. Check out how they work together, learn the relative cost associated with each solution, and get some information about installing your new system.

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