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Monster DNA™ Headphones. New Colors and Only at Best Buy.

Awesome sound. No batteries needed. The world's leading high-performance headphone experts present the latest in Pure Monster Sound™. Listen to your music as it was meant to be heard and express a bold, iconic look with DNA Pro and Carbon Fiber headphones.

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Drew Brees and headphones

Monster iSport™: The Athlete's Headphone™

iSport™ Strive, Intensity and Victory each deliver your music in a sweatproof, waterproof design with a range of noise isolations. An exclusive OmniTip ensures a perfect fit, while anti-microbial formulation keeps them clean. Plus, the new, innovative iSport Freedom lets you work out completely wirelessly.

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Monster HDMI

Introducing UltraHD. The Leader in HDMI Raises the Bar. Again.

Monster HDMI keeps your technology current, even with future advancements. High-speed HDMI cable gives you the sharpest picture, deepest color and smoothest video from larger HDTVs, advanced projectors and high-definition A/V sources like Blu-ray players, HD DVD players and next-generation gaming consoles.

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Monster Power

Monster Power. Always Stay Protected.

Monster Power provides advanced surge protection to keep your computer, monitor, printer and other equipment safe from even the most powerful surges and spikes. It automatically disconnects from dangerous power conditions like fires and sounds an alarm. For complete system protection, Monster Power has surge-protected coax, network and phone connections.

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Monster, Drive at 35

Over Three Decades of Pure Monster Sound

In 1979, Noel Lee developed a high-performance speaker cable, named it Monster Cable, and literally created an industry. The invention of Monster Cable revolutionized the audio market. Fast forward to 2014, and Monster will be celebrating 35 years of innovation.