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Sharp Electronics


Certified amazing

With four times the pixel resolution of Full HD, everything you watch on the THX 4K-certified AQUOS 4K Ultra LED TV is four times sharper and more realistic. It's not just amazing – it's certified amazing.

Watch the demo video to learn more.

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The highest resolution Full HD TV

Introducing the Sharp AQUOS Q+ LED TV, with 10 million more subpixels than standard Full HD, for more detail, depth and color. It's the only full HD TV that plays 4K content, and it upscales all your HD content. Exclusively from Sharp.

Watch Sharp AQUOS Q+ video

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A billion more shades of color

The AQUOS Q series features exclusive Sharp Quattron technology which provides a clearer, richer picture, and noticeably more detail, color and brightness by adding 33% more subpixels than a standard HDTV. The AQUOS panel is brighter by design and uses less power than a conventional 1080p TV.

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Big, bold, breathtaking clarity

The AQUOS HD dazzles with an advanced pixel structure for breathtaking HD images and the only 90" (measured diagonally) available.

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