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Wondering what you need in a new camcorder? This page helps answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Learn more about camcorder basics
Camcorder basics


Record the thrill of extreme sports with GoPro mountable camcorders. They mount just about anywhere and record full HD video and digital photos.

Learn more about GoPro mountable camcorders
GoPro wearable camcorders

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Camcorder Basics

Camcorder Basics

GoPro Mountable Camcorders

GoPro Mountable Camcorders

Geek Squad Protection

Geek Squad™ Protection

Video Making Tutorials

Basic Camera Shooting Tips

Basic Camera Shooting Tips

Francisco goes over some essential tips on how to get the best quality video out of your camera.

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The Shot Sequence - Part 1

Setting up your Shot

Michael introduces the first lesson of two on the 5 Shot Sequence that will give you full coverage of your topic and compelling shots for your story.

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Understanding Exposure for Video

The key to correct exposure is allowing the correct amount of light in so the darks are not too dark to see and the bright areas arent too bright.

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Lighting Basics

The Basics of Video Lighting

This course teaches the basics of how to control lighting and what lighting situations to look for as you shoot your pieces.

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In the Restaurant

Get the Perfect Shot

Michael uses a restaurant to break down what types of shots you should get when constructing your video story.

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The Ground Rules

Getting Started with Video Storytelling

Michael lays out the ground rules of his storytelling course in this introductory lesson. Forget everything you know about video - its time to think about a new way to approach storytelling.

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Built-In Camera Microphone

Understanding Sounds Quality

The built-in microphone is the most convenient but doesnt provide the most ideal quality and sound isolation.

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Tripods & Monopods

How to use Tripods & Monopods

This lesson covers the basics of choosing and using tripods and monopods.

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Tripods & Monopods

Choosing Your Video Editing Software

There are lots of video editing software programs out there. Learn what to look for when deciding on which one to choose in this helpful tutorial.

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Tripods & Monopods

Common Video Editing Issues

This lesson goes over the different kinds of settings available when you first set up your video editing project.

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Tripods & Monopods

Editing - Cutting on Movement

This lesson goes over why cutting on movement is an effective way to create smooth edits.

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