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2014: The Year of the Tablet

Sleeker than a laptop, but more entertaining than a smart phone, a tablet just might be the perfect go-anywhere PC.

Check out tablet resources from CNET:

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Wireless Networking

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How-To Guides

How to choose a new laptop for college

Learn about six basic features students should consider when choosing a new laptop for college.

Ultrabooks for students: 5 features to consider

Learn about student-friendly features of the Intel-Inspired Ultrabooks.

Find keyboard shortcuts in OS X

Speed up common commands on your Mac and enhance your productivity.

Move data between Macs

There are a number of ways to transfer files from one Mac to another, each with pros and cons.

Disable the pinch-zoom gesture on Windows laptops

Do you inadvertently zoom while using the touchpad? Disabling this function can help.

Install Windows 8 Beta

Explore what's new in the latest Windows operating system and test out its performance.

Use the Chromebook photo editor

The latest release of Chrome OS adds a basic photo editor. Here's how it works.

Enter formulas in Numbers

Apple's Numbers offers a new take on spreadsheets, with advantages — and quirks.

Make the most of your computer's USB audio port

Process audio outside your PC for improved sound quality, using a peripheral USB audio device.

Turn old hard drives into one large drive in Windows

Extend the usefulness of older, lower-capacity drives by converting them to a single, spanned volume.

Stop applications from updating automatically in Windows

Annoyed by frequent update alerts while working or gaming? Here's how to disable them.

Manage animations in Keynote

Apple's Keynote presents an alternative to PowerPoint. Explore one of its more advanced features.

Copy plain text from Skype

When you want just the message without time stamps and quotations, here's how to turn the extras off.

Networking Basics

See how easy it is to go wireless

We answer common questions on wireless networking. Get ready to access the Internet and print without wires, share photos and music anywhere in your home, and more.

Optimize your wireless network

Improve wireless network performance for better range and throughput.

Set up a wireless network

Connect your router and computers to access the Internet from any room in the house.

Wireless networking basics

Agent Hymans demonstrates the basics of a wireless network and defines network and security terms.

Secure your wireless network

Lock down your home network against intruders with these effective steps.

Connectivity: Home network basics

Geek Squad® Agents help you understand the endless possibilities of what you can do with your home network and electronics.

Watch TV on your laptop with Slingbox

Use the Internet to watch sporting events, TV or movies on your laptop or mobile phone, no matter where you are.

 Wider Connectivity

Mobile broadband

Surf wirelessly practically anywhere! Access the Internet wherever you want, take your wireless network on your travels or create a mobile office.

Connect your laptop to your TV

Share everything from vacation photos to presentations on a larger screen. Find the cable or wireless solution for your needs.

Internet connectable devices

TVs are not just for TV anymore! Enjoy streaming movies, music and more in your home theater.

3D computing

Find out what you need to experience 3D computing on your desktop or laptop.

3D technology

Discover the next dimension in entertainment and enjoy watching 3D movies and playing 3D games at home.

Research, Compare & Do More

Internet-enabled TV video

Tech 101: Linking TV to the Net

Check out these three simple ways to connect the Internet to your compatible TV.

Shop: Ethernet Cables | Powerline/PowerNet Adapters | Wireless Adapters

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