Activate Your New WiMAX-Enabled Laptop with Time Warner Cable

Now that you have your new laptop, it's time to set up service with Time Warner Cable!

To activate the over-the-air connection, you must utilize the WiMAX network. Before doing so, unplug your laptop from any cabled connection. We recommend printing these directions to keep them handy while your standard Internet connection is off.


1. From the Windows Start menu, open the Intel® WiMAX Connection utility.

Step 1 - WiMAX Connection Manager

2. Click the radio button to turn on WiMAX. The utility will initially search for the CLEAR network.

Step 2 - Turn on WiMAX

3. Click on the down arrow next to the "Connect" button to expand options.

Step 3 - Expand options

4. Click on "Search for networks" to see other available providers.

Step 4 - Search for networks

5. Select Time Warner Cable and click "Connect."

Step 5 - Connect to Time Warner Cable

6. If you do not have an active Time Warner Cable account, you will be redirected to the Best Buy Mobile Broadband Activation Center to create one.

Step 6 - Get WiMAX now

7. Select Time Warner Cable as your provider.

Step 7 - Choose Time Warner Cable

8. Time Warner Cable's WiMAX page will provide a phone number. You will need the WiMAX-specific MAC address of your laptop when you call.

Step 8 - Time Warner Cable's WiMAX page

And with that, you'll be ready to experience next-generation mobile broadband speeds with 4G WiMAX from Time Warner Cable!

You will also receive a confirmation e-mail from Time Warner Cable. Your $100 Best Buy gift card will be mailed to you 30 days after you sign up for service, and you can expect to receive the gift card 30–45 days after your activation date.