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Ultrabooks for Students: 5 Features to Consider

Student-friendly features of the Ultrabook­, inspired by Intel®.


The new Intel-inspired Ultrabooks have generated plenty of buzz since their debut at the beginning of the year. If you're planning to buy an Ultrabook for school, you'll find a plethora of choices available. Here are five reasons why Ultrabooks are a good choice for students.

Ultrabooks are designed to be light and thin enough to be carried around in a backpack without weighing you down. At less than an inch thin and just 2.4–3.1 lbs., a lightweight Ultrabook is a great choice for students on the go.

Speedy Reponse
Time-starved students will appreciate that the Ultrabook is ultraresponsive. How often have you been frustrated by how long it takes your PC to boot up? Ultrabooks solve that problem with Intel Rapid Response Technology that enables your Ultrabook to resume from standby in seconds.

High Performance and Full-Sized Keyboard
An Ultrabook combines the best of both worlds — the portability of a tablet with the performance and user-friendliness of a PC. The ultraslim design doesn't sacrifice a full-size keyboard, so you can enjoy the same experience of working on your desktop PC, anywhere. Type papers, surf the Web, watch movies, edit videos, send e-mails and more, whether you?re in your dorm room, classroom or library. And because Ultrabooks are powered by Intel 2nd Generation Core processors, you'll enjoy fast, efficient multitasking.

Long Battery Life
Battery life is a key feature to consider if you rely on your PC to help you stay productive throughout the school day. Ultrabooks rise to the challenge, with most models boasting between 5 and 7 hours of life on a single charge.

Screen Size
With an Ultrabook, you are not limited to a specific screen size. Ultrabooks available on the market today come in various screen sizes, with most falling within the 13"–15" range.

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