What's new in Windows 8.1

    One experience across everything in your life

    With full Start screen personalization — backgrounds, colors, tile groups and the classic desktop — and the ability to run up to four apps at once, you can work and play the way you want.

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    Works with your stuff

    Windows 8.1 is compatible with the devices and software you connect to and rely on every day, including printers, digital cameras, USB-enabled devices, programs and more.

    Desktop apps you care about

    Right out of the box, Windows 8.1 offers apps that let you create, communicate and connect, including Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Music, Photos and Internet Explorer 11. Plus, thousands more are available in the Windows Store, such as Office, Photoshop, Netflix and the latest games.

    Use it however you want

    You can always use your mouse and keyboard to navigate the Windows 8.1 desktop, the Start menu, and even apps. Maximize your multitasking by using whatever method works best for you — for any task, at any time.

    Get exactly the device you need

    You'll find Windows 8.1 on a wide variety of devices — offering an array of form factors and design choices at a range of prices — so you can find the right one for you.

    Find a device

    A few simple questions can help you choose between a Windows tablet, laptop, touch-screen laptop, 2-in-1 laptop or all-in-one computer.

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