Frequently Asked Questions — Delphi XM Signal Repeater

What is the Delphi XM Signal Repeater?
First consumer system that re-broadcasts the XM Satellite Radio signal
Transmits the XM signal up to 75 feet through walls and floors
Eliminates the need to run long, unsightly and impractical extensions

How does it work?
XM home antenna receives the XM signal from the satellite or terrestrial repeater
Transmitter down-converts the XM signal to 900 MHz and transmits to the repeater antenna
Repeater antenna up-converts the 900 MHz signal to be received on the XM Satellite Receiver

How do I ensure that I receive the longest transmitting range?
Read the owner's manual and quick set up guide
Use the Delphi Satellite Radio Receiver¿s signal meter to ensure that the home antenna is positioned for maximum reception
Ensure that the Transmitter's "Pwr-Out" switch is set to maximum

Can you use two Delphi XM signal repeaters to deliver an additional 75 feet resulting in 150 feet?
No, 75 feet through walls and floors is traditionally adequate range

Can I add an additional activated Delphi XM Satellite Receiver to the Delphi XM Signal Repeater system?
The optional SA10117-11P1 receiver antenna will need to be purchased. Unlimited additional Repeater Antennas may be purchased and used to benefit from a single 900 MHz transmitter.

Can I use other manufacturer's products with the signal repeater?
Even-though the Delphi XM Signal Repeater was specifically designed for Delphi XM receivers and audio systems, all activated XM satellite radio receivers using the traditional XM home antenna can be used with this system?

Will the Delphi XM MyFi work with the Delphi Signal Repeater system?
Yes, when docked in a home kit hooked up to a "Repeater" antenna.