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Shortwave Band Radio
Listening to shortwave band radio, also called world band radio, is a fun and informative hobby for many people around the globe. And with the right equipment, you'll find it very easy to join this jolly international crew. One of the most respected makers of shortwave radios, with over 55 years of experience, is Eton/Grundig of Germany. Grundig radios feature powerful AM/FM reception in addition to excellent shortwave receptivity.

How it works
Shortwave bands are actually frequency ranges, similar to the better-known AM and FM radio bands you are already familiar with. In each band, there are many different stations broadcasting around the world. To listen to these stations you need a shortwave radio receiver. These range in size and complexity from simple handheld portables with partial band-ranges, to large, sophisticated table models covering the whole shortwave spectrum. Once you have the proper radio, you simply adjust it to the shortwave band you wish to explore, usually measured in megahertz (MHz) or kilohertz (kHz), and then either tune in a station you know or search the band for new ones.

When to use it
Shortwave signals vary greatly in strength depending upon the time of day, the sun, the ionosphere and interaction with the earth itself. Some bands are best listened to during the day, while others come in best at night. In general, the best time to use your shortwave radio is around sunrise and sunset. Experiment to find what works best for your location and your radio.

Listen to the world
Because half the fun of shortwave radio is hearing broadcasts from far-off lands, many listeners find it helpful to use a comprehensive shortwave directory. Eton/Grundig includes a shortwave listening guide with each radio that lists countries and the programs they broadcast, including proper frequency so you can find it on your radio. One highly recommended directory is Passport to World Band Radio, which should be available at most major bookstores. Why wait any longer to begin experiencing what the world of international radio has to offer? BestBuy.com carries an excellent selection of shortwave radios to launch you on your voyage of discovery.

Start surfing the airwaves today with a Eton/Grundig radio.