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Suppose you're a manufacturer of home entertainment equipment. Not just any manufacturer, but one of the world's most respected leaders in audio and video technology — a company with decades of experience and an ironclad reputation for high performance and innovation. Your legions of admirers include working audio and video professionals, savvy trade writers and millions of everyday entertainment enthusiasts who know that your nameplate on a piece of gear ensures it's of the highest quality and represents a benchmark of exceptional performance. So what do you do to improve upon one of the most successful lines of home theater receivers in the world?

Great entertainment is out there
If you're Yamaha, you look to the skies — more specifically, to "Rock" and "Roll": the two dedicated satellites operated by XM Satellite Radio, the global leader in satellite radio broadcasting. Yamaha's latest wave of home theater receivers, new for 2005, is the first to integrate satellite-radio compatibility by incorporating a revolutionary new technology called XM Connect & Play™. Shop all Yamaha XM-Ready receivers now.

A quantum leap: easy, affordable, extraordinary
With XM Connect & Play, it's easier than ever before to make the exciting world of XM Satellite Radio an integrated part of your home entertainment experience. When you're ready for XM, your new Yamaha receiver is ready, too — with XM's industry-leading chipset and software built right in. You simply add a tiny, self-contained XM Connect & Play antenna (under $50), which includes all the necessary electronics to pull in XM's satellite and terrestrial signals. Plug the antenna into the proprietary connection provided, activate your XM subscription, and you're ready to experience a quantum leap in broadcast entertainment.

With any of the XM-Ready Yamaha receivers at the bottom of this page, an XM Connect & Play antenna and an active subscription to XM Satellite Radio, you get:
  • More than 150 digital channels of entertainment (over 80,000 total hours of programming each month), available coast-to-coast
  • More than 60 commercial-free music channels, featuring every conceivable genre of music, plus live concerts and exclusive interviews
  • Baseball, baseball and more baseball — every team, all season long. XM is the Official Satellite Radio Network of Major League Baseball®.
  • Incredible variety — news, sports, talk, comedy, award-winning kids' programming and more, all at your fingertips, 24 hours a day
  • Instant traffic and weather bulletins in 21 major markets, employing up-to-the-minute technology for the most accurate forecasts and status reports
  • Tons of exclusive programming, including NASCAR Radio, men's and women's college sports from the Big Ten and the ACC, The Bob Edwards Show on XM Public Radio... the list goes on and on
  • Original music series featuring your favorite artists, live in the XM Performance Theater
When you think about it, it's a perfect fit: XM's superior, CD-quality broadcast fidelity and mind-expanding variety is a great match for a high-end home entertainment system with one of these state-of-the-art receivers at its center.

All this, and the kitchen sink too
Of course, XM Connect & Play compatibility is only one of many reasons to choose a new Yamaha receiver for your home theater. All three of the new XM-Ready receivers incorporate Yamaha's Digital TOP-ART circuit design concept for crystal-clear sonic reproduction; a full complement of built-in surround decoders, augmented by Yamaha's proprietary Quad-Field CINEMA DSP processing for incredible cinematic realism; high-bandwidth component video pass-through for compatibility with 1080i and 720p video sources; and a host of other advanced and proprietary technologies that make Yamaha the perennial choice of true home theater enthusiasts. Learn more about the advanced features of Yamaha's home theater receivers.

Plug in, tune up and bliss out
Explore the universe of XM Satellite Radio from the comfort of your favorite sofa. Take a closer look at Yamaha's new XM-Ready home theater receivers below.