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Everything 3D: Explore the Wonder

Everything 3D: Explore the Wonder

How It Works

The Inside Story of 3D


Your Eyes + 3D TV

Because your eyes are spaced apart from each other, you see the world at slightly different perspectives. Your brain merges these two perspectives into a single three-dimensional image. This is what gives you a sense of depth and perspective.

By displaying two images from slightly different perspectives, Samsung 3D TV is able to create the same effect. By using Samsung Active 3D glasses, your brain combines the images so you perceive a three-dimensional world that is completely immersive and realistic.

Samsung Active 3D

The Samsung Difference

Watch from Nearly Any Angle

Samsung’s lightweight active eyewear is the key to watching 3D full HD from nearly any angle, unlike passive FPR systems that distort vertical viewing to roughly 20°. Matched with realistic 3D depth, the 178° viewing angle lets the whole family share an immersive 3D experience so every seat becomes a great seat.

What You Need

Experience Samsung 3D at Home

  • 1. A Samsung 3D TV

    Active 3D TV is a feature that is available across many of Samsung’s plasma and LED TVs*. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows in full HD resolution in either 2D or 3D mode. * Not available on all models, see individual product pages for details.

  • 2. Samsung Active 3D Glasses

    Put them on to experience true 3D in full 1080p HD. 3D glasses connect to the TV wirelessly via Bluetooth and are available in both battery and rechargeable models.

  • 3. 3D Sports, Gaming, Movies and TV

    More and more content is being shot in 3D all the time ? you can watch native 3D content, Blu-ray movies, cable and pay-per-view programming.

  • 4. 3D Blu-ray Player

    To play 3D Blu-ray discs, you’ll need a 3D-enabled Blu-ray player along with a high-speed HDMI 1,4 cable for connecting your 3D TV to a 3D-ready Blu-ray player.