Start listening in three easy steps:

Sirius XM

1. Select and purchase a radio.

There are several different choices of car, home, and portable radios and accessories that allow you to listen the way you want to listen.

  • In your vehicle: Transform your commute. Tune up your ride and be more entertained by the mile.
    You can add SiriusXM to almost any vehicle and enjoy great programming anywhere you drive, coast to coast. Most satellite radios play through your existing vehicle radio, and require no holes or permanent changes to install. If you're handy you can install it yourself, or a Geek Squad® Agent can install it for you.
  • In your home: Listen to satellite radio in your living room, kitchen or backyard.
    You can bring SiriusXM into your home or office and enjoy great programming anytime. Many SiriusXM radios can be played through your existing home audio system, or you can purchase the Compact Sound system and a Dock & Play radio for a complete SiriusXM system. For many radios, accessories are available in store or online so you can use the same radio in your home, office, multiple vehicles and on the go.
  • Portable: Listen to SiriusXM anywhere, anytime.
    Purchase the Lynx and listen on the go, in your vehicle, or in your home or office. Go portable with any of the Dock & Play radios and a portable sound system. You can also listen to SiriusXM Internet Radio on your iPod touch® or iPhone®, BlackBerry or Android smartphone — just download the free SiriusXM app at

2. Install your radio.

It's easy for you to install it yourself or have Geek Squad® do it for you.

Advantages of Geek Squad Satellite Radio Advanced Installations:

  • Affordable, professional installation by certified Geek Squad Autotechs
  • Connection to an ignition power source, ensuring the satellite radio powers on/off with the ignition key, which frees your DC lighter outlet for alternate uses
  • Connection of wired FM modulator (sold separately) from satellite radio tuner to car stereo's antenna connection
  • Positioning of antenna to provide the best possible reception
  • Routing and concealment of antenna wiring to provide a clean, factory-installed appearance
  • Satisfaction guaranteed and lifetime workmanship warranty
  • Learn more about installing your satellite radio ›

If you decide to have us install your satellite radio, simply contact your local Best Buy store to schedule your installation.

Materials charge and required kits, parts, and extensive labor are extra. Contact your local Best Buy store for full details.

3. Activate your service.

You can activate your subscription online or by calling SiriusXM customer service. Either way, the process is easy and takes just a few short minutes. You'll need a major credit card and the Radio ID number of your Sirius or XM radio to complete the activation. The Radio ID is located on the packaging, on the back of the radio, and on channel 0 when you power your radio on. There is a one-time activation fee (per radio) of $15 for both Sirius and XM radios. When you activate your radio, be sure the radio is powered on and the radio's antenna has a clear line of sight to the sky.

To activate SiriusXM visit or call 1-866-635-7764.