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If you've been wanting to create a movie theater experience with the amazing sound available on most DVDs, but don't want speakers and wires all over your room, then a 2.1 Home Theater System is just what you've been looking for.

Outstanding Home Theater Sound
Most 2.1 systems employ two main speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier/DVD-CD player to create a virtual surround sound experience (one system listed below combines the speakers/woofers into one compact unit).

The cutting-edge technology used in the speakers creates a listening environment very similar to an immersive 6-speaker/5.1 system. With a 2.1 system, you'll get the movie theater-quality sound that many DVDs and HDTV broadcasts provide but can't be delivered by your regular TV speakers.

Clean Setup
Setting up a traditional 5.1 system can be full of challenges. It requires placement for six speakers (including two rear ones), as well as speaker wire running from an amplifier to the speakers. That means you have to find a way to run the wires without messing up your room, and then set the rear speakers on stands, build them into the back wall or hang them from the ceiling.

Setting up a 2.1 system is a breeze and keeps the required equipment to a minimum. Set up your amplifier, place your two main speakers on either side of your TV and place the subwoofer out of the way nearby. That's it!