Busting the Audio Speaker Myths
We explore some common misconceptions about audio speakers — and give you the real story.

Myth: You need large speakers for good surround sound

Reality: Audio technology has advanced to the point where even small speakers offer excellent surround sound. Come to Best Buy or Magnolia Home Theater® for a demo because what sounds good in a speaker isn't the same for everyone.

Myth: I need at least five speakers for excellent surround sound

Reality: With surround sound, the more speakers the better, so a 5.1 or 7.1 system would be ideal. However, you can create very effective, immersive surround sound using a sound bar and a subwoofer. Sound bars are slim, single speakers that are easy to set up, and when paired with a wireless subwoofer, won't clutter up a room with multiple speakers and wires.

Myth: Wireless speakers are unreliable and offer poor sound quality

Reality: Wireless speakers are almost identical to their wired cousins, except they have built-in technology to receive wireless signals from a source module within (or attached) to your receiver. As long as your speakers are within the recommended distance from your receiver, performance and reliability should be excellent.

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