Busting the Installation and Setup Myths
We explore some common misconceptions about installation and setup — and give you the real story.

Myth: There's nothing to hanging a flat-panel TV — I can easily do it myself

Reality: If you have experience with a home remodeling project or something similar, mounting a flat-panel TV to a wall won't be that difficult. Remember, though, there are many things inside your walls that you don't want to accidentally tap into – water lines, sewer vent pipes, electrical lines, phone lines, etc. So you may want to leave installation to the pros, as hitting one of these can easily cost you double to triple the cost of a professional Geek Squad® installation (which is backed by a satisfaction guaranteed warranty).

Myth: New TVs have already been optimized for the best possible picture

Reality: Some manufacturers set many of their TVs much brighter than you'll want in your home. They do this in case a TV is selected as a showroom model at retail stores, where TVs are often displayed under bright florescent lights. So it would be wise to check and adjust the settings of your new TV to match the lighting of the room it will be in.

Myth: My existing network will work fine with my new HDTV

Reality: Your setup may be fine, but if you're hoping to do things like stream movies, your network speed or type of router may not be adequate. If you're looking for a professional evaluation, Geek Squad® can certainly help optimize your wired and wireless network setup as needed.

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