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Same radio dial. More channels. CD-like quality. No monthly fee!

Break through the static with the next generation of radio. Shop our selection of HD Radio™ receivers below.

What is HD Radio?
HD Radio technology allows radio stations to simultaneously broadcast their programs through both digital and traditional analog signals. Digital broadcasting offers remarkably higher-quality audio, expanded channel selection, and intriguing new wireless data services. You'll be freed from the static and fading signals associated with traditional analog radio.

How does it work?
Digital radio works like conventional radio. There's a signal on one end and a receiver on the other. But, instead of just one analog signal, stations that make the switch to HD Radio broadcast a combined signal of both analog and digital. Both broadcasts are free. To pick up the crystal-clear digital broadcast, all you need is an HD Radio receiver.

Better sound — more information
With HD Radio, AM sounds as clear as traditional FM, and FM becomes CD-quality sound. Plus, song titles, artist names and other information are included in the transmission. All you need to get started is an HD Radio receiver.

Expanded channels
In addition to your local radio stations, you'll get:
  • New channels that play what you like
  • More talk and music from the stations you're already plugged into
  • More complete sets and more full albums
  • More in-depth interviews, talk and news
New stations
Available stations vary by market, and more are on the way. Check out a sample of the channels available in some areas.

No fee
HD Radio is always free of charge, just like standard radio. There are no subscription costs, no plans and no monthly bills.