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High-Efficiency Washers
High-Efficiency Washers

High-efficiency (or HE) washing machines are available in both front-loading and top-loading designs. They offer many benefits over conventional washers:

Lower Cost to Own

  • Pay less for water: High-efficiency washers use less water than conventional washers. They repeatedly tumble clothes through a small amount of water, so the water level does not need to rise to the top of the clothes as with conventional washers.
  • Pay less for electricity: Up to 90 percent of the cost of washing clothes comes from heating the water; using less water means using less electricity. Plus, the high-speed spin cycle squeezes more water out of the clothes, so they dry faster afterwards and require less energy from your dryer. And with the higher capacity of HE front-loading washers (and some HE top-loaders as well), you'll do fewer loads overall — another good way to save energy.
  • Pay less for detergent: High-efficiency washers use less detergent as well, in tandem with their low water usage. When you use only about a tablespoon of detergent per load, a box of detergent can often last more than a year.

  • Note: It's important to use HE detergent — specifically formulated for use in high-efficiency machines — for best results.

  • Pay less for dry cleaning: A high-efficiency machine lets you wash delicate clothes and large, bulky items, reducing the need for laundry services and dry cleaning.
  • Rebates: A high-efficiency washer will save you money on its own, but in many localities, just having one will earn you substantial water- and energy-efficiency rebates. Contact your local water and power companies for details.


  • More is less: The larger capacity of front-loading high-efficiency washers (and some HE top-loaders) allows you to do fewer loads.
  • More is more: Larger items fit inside a front-loading washer, so you can wash them yourself instead of taking them to a shop.
  • Shorter drying time: High-efficiency washers sometimes take longer to finish their cycles than a regular washer, but because the clothes come out with less water content (due to the high speed of the spin cycle), they can be dried much more quickly. This negates a frustratingly common scenario that occurs when the second load in the washer is long since done and sitting, wet, while we wait for the first load in the dryer to be really dry. With a high-efficiency washer, washing and drying times even out -- so you can have the first load dry and folded in time for the second load to go into the dryer.
  • Stackability: Many (but not all) models of front-loading high-efficiency washers can be stacked on top of each other (using an optional stacking kit). Not only does a stacked laundry pair fit in a smaller space, but with the washer on top, the clothes are at eye level for easier access. Compact stackable models exist that can be placed in your master bathroom, so you don't need to go far from your bedroom to take care of your clothes. These are also ideal for small apartments.

Environmental Advantages

  • Less is more: Because high-efficiency washers use less water, less detergent and less power, they are inherently kinder to the environment than conventional washers.
  • Less noise pollution: Thanks to their gentler agitation, high-efficiency washers typically make much less noise than conventional washers. This makes them ideal for homes where the laundry room is located on the first or second floor, near common living areas.

Fabric Care

  • Longer-lasting clothes: High-efficiency washers are easier on your clothes. A flat-sided drum, rolling on a horizontal axis, gently tumbles clothes clean instead of pulling them violently around a vertical shaft as the agitator in a traditional top-loading machine does.
  • Wash anything: For the same reasons, high-efficiency washers also allow you to wash items you would usually bring to the cleaners or wash by hand. Wool sweaters and lingerie are gently tumbled instead of being stretched as in a conventional agitator. Large, unwieldy items like bedspreads, comforters and tablecloths can also be washed with ease.
  • Truly clean: High-efficiency washers rinse multiple times with clean water so no soap or residue is left in your clothes, and dirt really comes out. You'll see brighter whites and more vibrant colors as a result.

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