nook nook quick start guide
It's easy to get NOOK smart and book ready. Here's how:
1 Fully charge your NOOK (approx. 3.5 hours) with the enclosed wall charger.
2 While your NOOK charges, verify or set up your account from any computer. You'll need a valid credit card and US billing address to register your device and make purchases.
3 Turn on your NOOK with the power button on top. Make sure you have a wireless connection (either 3G or Wi-Fi). Enter your e-mail address and your password using the touch screen keyboard to register your NOOK.

Now you're NOOK smart and book ready. Start reading! Plus, don't forget to take advantage of these special features:

lend me

Exclusive LendMe™ Technology
Swapping books with friends has always been a big part of reading, and NOOKcolor makes it even easier and more fun to do. For the first time on NOOKcolor, Barnes & Noble's exclusive LendMe App lets you lend and borrow favorite books to and from friends — all with just a few simple touches.


Share and Recommend Reading with NOOKfriends™
NOOKcolor is the most well connected, social reading device ever built. NOOKfriends makes it easy to share and recommend reading, as well as pass along favorite lines to your friends through Facebook and Twitter.