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Geek Squad App

Geek Squad® App

Lock | Locate | Recover | Diagnose

The Geek Squad App lets you tap into the brainpower of a Geek Squad Agent anytime your device gets out of line.

Tech Checker lets you test your hardware and diagnose specific issues. Locked&Found is an included service with purchase of Geek Squad Protection that will help you lock, locate and recover your phone if it's lost or stolen.

There are also functions to find the closest Geek Squad Precinct, get tech help, a message center and more. Get the full-featured Geek Squad App for free when you buy Geek Squad Protection.

Benefits of Geek Squad App


Diagnose Hardware
Quickly test your device for the most common hardware issues and the app will alert you to any possible concerns.


Analyze Apps
Identify apps that are sharing your information or draining precious battery life.


Contact an Agent
If your device is lost or stolen, we are always here to help 24/7 and will assist you in recovering your device.


Intelligent Lock1
Various customized settings allow you to lock your device remotely in the event it is misplaced, lost, or stolen. Your device's camera can also snap a photo of anyone or anything to help locate your device. Learn more.


Trigger an alarm on your lost device so it will be easy to find. Once found, we will have it shipped back to you free of charge. If it is not recoverable, you can remotely wipe it clean.


Web Interface
Manage and locate your device from the Web.


Data Transfer
Securely transfer your images, videos and contacts from your old phone to your new phone over Wi-Fi. Data Transfer is supported on iPhone® and Android phones.


Geek Squad Intelligence
You'll get access to videos about product technology and which are hand-picked by our best agents. It's like having a Geek Squad Agent in your back pocket.


Android Apple Windows 8


1 On supported devices.