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Credit Card Military Benefits

Best Buy® credit cards

Military Benefits for the Best Buy Credit Card and Reward Zone MasterCard

HSBC has a comprehensive policy specifically developed for assisting military cardholders in compliance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). This act provides assistance to 'Active Duty' servicemembers.

To start the process, call HSBC at 1-800-365-0499 with your account information at hand. Note: Eligibility is not confirmed over the phone. The requestor should be prepared to provide a copy of their current orders, as well as effective dates of service, which will help in determining eligibility.

SCRA Benefits Overview

  • The annual percentage rate is lowered to 6%.
  • The minimum payment amount is reduced.
  • The entire annual fee is waived if billed while the servicemember is on active duty.
  • Late and overlimit fees are waived.
  • If the account goes past due and/or overlimit, punitive pricing will not be implemented.
  • SCRA provisions are retroactive to the active duty date.
  • The account must have been established prior to the servicemember's active military status.
  • If there is a promotional rate less than 6%, it will remain in effect until it expires, and then go to 6%.


Q. How long will benefits be in effect?

A. The account is placed on the program for the duration of active duty as stated in the orders or until the servicemember contacts us requesting cancellation of the provisions (whichever comes first).

Q. Does the servicemember have to be deployed to qualify for benefits?

A. No. A primary or joint cardmember who reports for active duty in the military may be eligible for multiple provisions under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

Q. Can the account still be used while the benefits are activated?

A. Yes. If the account is in good standing, it will remain open and available for use.

Q. How are benefits requested?

A. Requests for benefits should be directed to the customer service number listed on your credit card and/or billing statement.

Q. Can a Power of Attorney (POA) be added to the account?

A. Yes; this allows the cardmember to have someone call in for account information while he/she is on active duty.

Q. What is the response time once the paperwork has been submitted?

A. Response time is typically 2-10 days.

Customers can call HSBC to obtain any further information regarding the benefits they may qualify for and for all other questions. Information current as of November 5, 2008.