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What is Best Buy Home Energy?

It's our brand-new department, dedicated to helping you find the latest technology for controlling your home and your energy costs.

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Why Best Buy

Why Best Buy

  • Home energy specialists with the expertise to recommend the right solution for you
  • Home surveys to help target energy-savings opportunities in your home
  • The latest technology, from small upgrades to integrated whole-home solutions
  • Installation services to help make your dreams come to life

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Home Energy Assessment

Lower your energy bills by up to 30% or more

Our quick and easy home energy savings calculator will help you identify the right upgrades and create a savings plan. And it's free.

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How Much Do You Want to Do?

Use this handy chart to quickly sort through the various home-management solutions we offer. Learn which products will do what you want — now and into the future.

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Best Buy Home Energy

Why Best Buy

Home Energy Assessment

Compare Solutions

See the Possibilities

Lock your doors from anywhere

Lock your doors from anywhere

Know that your loved ones and valuables are secure, no matter where you are.

Control your home on vacation

Control your home on vacation

Enjoy real-time control of your home's lighting, thermostat, appliances and more.

Control who accesses your home

Control who accesses your home

Let kids and contractors in on the fly, and always know who's coming and going.

Get real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts from home

Instant text or e-mail alerts let you react immediately to changes in and around your home.

Simplify your nightly routine

Simplify your nightly routine

Control lights, locks and appliances remotely from your laptop, phone or tablet.

Welcome yourself home

Welcome yourself home

Warm up your home before you arrive — without wasting money on constant heat.

Save Money And Energy

  • Energy 101

    Learn more about energy-saving products and services


    The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources maintains an extensive portfolio of resources to help citizens, businesses, industry, federal facilities and state and local governments improve their energy efficiency and expand their use of renewable energy.


    Save money, reduce energy use, and more, with ENERGY STAR qualified products.

  • Appliances Rebate Finder

    Want to save even more money? Find out if there's a rebate associated with your new appliance.

  • Government Incentives

    Learn about federal, state and local tax incentives for energy-efficient home upgrades.

Additional Resources

  • Light bulb

    New Energy-Efficient Lighting

    The way we light our homes is changing. Understand why, get familiar with your new options, and learn how to make the most of the savings they provide.

  • Recycling


    No matter where you bought it, we'll recycle it. Learn more about our electronics and appliances recycling program.

  • The Power of Green

    The Power of Green

    Best Buy is continuously using the power of our organization and our people to improve environmental sustainability.

  • Appliances Learning Center