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Insignia™ - 42" Class - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - HDTV

Model: NS-42E440A13

SKU: 4700295
4.2 of 5 4.2 of 5 (14 reviews)

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With a 1080p resolution, 60Hz screen refresh rate and 300 cd/m² brightness, this Insignia™ 42" LED HDTV delivers a crisp, detailed picture. Viewing angles of 160° ensure a clear display from different areas around a room.

What's Included

  • Insignia™ 42" Class - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - HDTV
  • Remote with 2 AAA batteries
  • Quick-start guide

Product Features

  • 42" screen measured diagonally from corner to corner
    For optimal viewing in large rooms.
  • Ultraslim design (1-1/2" deep)
    Ideal for wall mounting (with optional mounting kit, not included). VESA 400mm x 400mm compliant.
  • Incredible dynamic contrast ratio (5000:1) and high brightness (300 cd/m²)
    For an arresting viewing experience.
  • 1080p display
    Provides the highest quality progressive-scan picture possible from a high-definition source.
  • Two 8W speakers
    Ensure clear audio.
  • Inputs
    Include 3 HDMI (2 rear, 1 side), 1 DVI (side), 1 component video (rear), 1 composite (side), 1 PC/VGA (side) and 1 PC/DVI audio (side).
  • Outputs
    Include 1 coaxial digital audio (side) and 1 headphone (rear).
  • 3 HDMI inputs
    HDMI cable not included.
    High-speed HDMI cable is the only connection that can deliver a full HDTV experience with a full 1080p picture and digital surround sound.
  • DVI interface
    Provides a direct digital-to-digital video hookup with compatible devices.
  • PC video input
    Lets you connect your computer to experience high-resolution images.
  • USB port
    For quick connection of a digital camera or other USB device.
  • Useful additional features
    Include a sleep timer.
Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.
  • Warranty Terms - Parts
    1 year
  • Warranty Terms - Labor
    1 year
  • Product Width
  • Product Weight
    39.7 lbs. with stand (35.3 lbs. without)
  • TV Type
    LED Flat-Panel
  • Screen Size Class
  • 42"
  • 1080p
  • Screen Refresh Rate
  • Product Height (with stand)
  • Product Height (without stand)
  • Product Depth (with stand)
  • Product Depth (without stand)
  • 3
  • USB Port
  • USB Input
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • No
  • 8
  • Speakers
  • Speaker Output Power
  • Yes
  • Power Consumption (watts) Stand-by
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Mount Bracket/VESA Pattern
    400mm x 400mm
  • 16:9
  • Maximum Resolution
    1920 x 1080
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 1
  • 1
  • Language Options
    English, French, Spanish
  • Yes
  • Power Consumption (watts) Power On
  • Brightness
    300 cd/m²
  • Yes
  • Ethernet Port
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/year)
  • Estimated Yearly Operating Cost
  • Best Buy Exclusive
  • UPC

Customer Reviews

Insignia - 42" Class - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - HDTV (12 out of 14)
Good tv for the price
Posted by: from Chicago,IL on 02/20/2013This tv was on clearance so I bought it for my living room. I think I got a really good deal for the price.Also has 3 hdmi connections which is a plus. I cant complain!
  • Internet Connectable? : No

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excellant tv
Posted by: from black creek, wi on 01/19/2013i bought this tv on sale and was the best purchase ive made this year. it has a great picture and i enjoy all its aspects.
  • Internet Connectable? : Yes
  • Connected to the Internet: : No

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Excellent TV for the price
Posted by: from North Houston, TX on 12/17/2012I feel like I got a great deal on this TV, great picture, great sound. Overall Highly Satisfied. Would recommend Insignia brand in the future.
  • Internet Connectable? : Don't Know

1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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This TV is a very good value
Posted by: from Poughkeepsie,NY on 08/22/2012Dollar for dollar an excellant value. A good selection if you desire a basic tv. Not a lot of extra features but a very good "second" or bedroom /guest room tv
  • Internet Connectable? : No

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Great tv for the price!
Posted by: from naples on 07/30/2012After reading other reviews I was skeptical, but already having the insignia 47" 1080p 60hz for 3 years now, I decided to try another insignia. The sound is pretty good considering the price and the size of the speakers. Sure it will sound better with a sound system, but for a bedroom I don't think its necessary. It is plenty loud for me. I have it on 8-12 out of a 100 on the volume in a large bedroom. The volume does need to be adjusted, in my opinion, here's how to get a better sound: menu-right arrow to audio-down arrow to sound mode, press enter,(click custom) then down arrow to advanced audio, press enter, then put the Bass level to 100, and the Treble level to 75...this worked great for me. Now for the picture (again, the default settings are horrible)... here are my settings that made a world of difference. I am using centurylink as my cable provider.....Press menu and change picture mode to custom- then: Brightness to 65, contrast to 47, color to 50, tint to 0, sharpness to 10, Then go to advanced video (enter) Backlight to 50, aspect ratio to normal, color temp to normal, overscan to on, noise reduction to middle, adaptive contrast to off, DCR to off. This should help if you have any issues. It works perfect for me. Also, the 60hz seems to work as good as 120hz for most viewing, even on my 47"...
  • Internet Connectable? : No

20 out of 20 found this review helpful.

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For the price, you cannot beat it!
Posted by: from South Carolina on 07/30/2012After recently moving to a bigger place, my 32" off-brand LCD TV was not cutting it! I started searching for the next TV, but wasn't looking for all of the bells and whistles, such as a 3D or Smart TV. I ran across Insignia and questioned why such a good looking TV was so low priced. After comparing this TV with others that were 2 and 3 hundred dollars more... I found slight to no differences at all!!!!! As I read the reviews, I couldn't understand how this TV was getting a bad rap because of the sound. Do you expect theater sound quality out of a 1-1/2" thick TV? Of course, it could be better, but most of everyone has a home theatre system, JUST HOOK IT UP TO THE TV! I bought this after going to Best Buy and talking to an associate, who never tried to get me to divert to a higher priced TV. He recognized that I did my research and knew that the TV I selected was a great value. He did ask what I would mainly watch and he suggested getting the 120Hz version, but it wasn't vital. The picture quality is great and the sound is just right, especially with a home theatre system. The options are abundant and I have found nothing wrong with it as of yet. Be sure to calibrate the color settings to your liking and sit back to enjoy your new LED TV that is easy on your wallet and easy to watch!
  • Internet Connectable? : No

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

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Great TV!
Posted by: from PA on 07/29/2012In one week we purchased 3 TVs! The first, was a 32in Insignia that was too small for the space and the volume had to be turned way up to hear it. The second, was an open box 39in Westinghouse that was great but when watching a show with a light background (sky etc) we noticed pixels missing, the sound also need to be turned way up to hear it too. We called best buy and since it was an open box we would need to pay the price difference to exchange it for another one. So, we did a little research through the best buy website and chose this one. Bigger TV same features for less money (it was on sale) I took back the 39in the next day. It is the best one out of all of them. The picture is fantastic! The sound is not an issue. The volume level is set around a quarter of the volume line and I can hear it upstairs and it's in the basement. I was hesitant from the other reviews to buy it but I am glad that we bit the bullet and bought this one. Very happy!!!
  • Internet Connectable? : No

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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GREAT TV For LESS Than $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: from North Carolina on 07/27/2012Bought this TV after several months of looking reviewing and talking to people who already owned Insignia products and decided to get my feet wet on this brand and so far GREAT CHOICE!! Everyone seems to bash the sound and I just don't see the problem. It's not like you should expect a theater experience from two small speakers crammed in an inch and a half thick cabinet I mean come on. I have a normal; size living room and I keep it on 12-16 depending on what I am watching and think it sounds JUST FINE. I have SD DirecTV DVR and think that conncted with an HDMI cable the video is AWESOME!!
  • Internet Connectable? : No

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

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Best TV for under $450
Posted by: from milwaukee, wi on 07/26/2012I've had this TV for about 3 weeks now and I have no complaints about it. If you take the time to calibrate it properly the picture quality is as good as any other HDTV I've seen. Many TVs come set with the brightness and contrast to high, so that it looks brighter on display at the store. Get a DVD/game/blueray with a calibration tool and take 5 min to set it up right. I think people are to critical of sound on LCD/LED tvs. This TV is about an inch and a half think, your not going to have amazing speakers crammed in there. All my LCD TVs have either a sound bar or a home theater system. That being said, I have used the actual speakers on this TV and I didn't think they were horrible. Compared to my old LCD this TV has much deeper blacks and little to no bleeding of light due to having LED back-lighting. Also, it uses about half as much power. Another thing to mention is Insignia actually has a fairly good community forum on there web site. Staff at Insigina respond to questions on a regular basis. I have one issue where disabling overscan doesn't save in the setup menu. It turns out someone already mentioned this on the insignia forum. Insignia's staff took note of it and are looking into including a fix in a firmware update. For a store brand TV that kind of impressed me.

9 out of 9 found this review helpful.

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Great Tv For The Price
Posted by: from Canton, MI on 07/25/2012We have been looking for a tv to replace our 11 year old tube tv in our bedroom for quite sometime. When we saw this in the sales ad we thought it would be perfect. We were disappointed that none of the Best Buy stores near us had this tv on display, but we took a chance and bought it anyway. It was very easy to set up. Of course we had to make some slight picture and sound adjustments (who doesn't, its all based on personal preference). The picture quality is good and we can hear our tv just fine without having to turn it up all the way (so I'm not sure what the other reviewers are referring to). In fact, even on low volume I can hear our tv on the first floor of our house. Don't expect to have amazing ($2k tv) results from a $350.00 tv. You get what you pay for but this tv is a really good product for the price.
  • Internet Connectable? : No

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

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