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Introducing mIQ
mIQ is a free service that automatically backs up the content on your smart phone to the Web — without you ever having to think about it. This not only ensures that your information is securely stored in a single location, but it also makes it incredibly easy for you to do things like manage your contacts, share photos with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, send and receive text messages when you're sitting in front of your computer and much more!
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Back up your phone
mIQ automatically backs up all of your phone data on the Web, giving you secure online access to your phone contacts, text messages, calendar events, photos, voicemail and more.
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Manage your contacts
With mIQ you can add, edit or delete contacts from your private Web account. All changes will be instantly sent to your phone and backed up on the Web.
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Manage your calendar
mIQ allows you to add, edit or delete calendar events from the Web. They automatically get sent to your phone so that the only thing you need to think about is showing up on time for your next appointment!
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Share your experiences
mIQ automatically uploads your photos, videos and status updates to the Web. This makes it easier to stay connected with the people you care about via popular social sites.
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