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Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Meet the phone that gets to know you. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 does what you want and what you didn't know was even possible. Control your TV right from your phone and watch what you love when you want. Preview photos and files or read a news article without ever touching the screen. The Galaxy S 4 does things the way they should be done — your way.

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Galaxy S 4

  • Camera:

    13.0MP rear-facing

    2.0MP front-facing

  • Processor:

    1.9GHz quad core

  • microSD Card Support:

    Up to 64GB

  • Screen:

    5" full HD Super AMOLED, 1080p, 1920 x 1080 resolution

  • Platform:

    Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

  • Battery:

    2600m Ah

  • Network:

    Enabled for 4G LTE

Very Chill

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Catch Any Moment. Keep Every Memory.

The smartphone camera just got a makeover. 13.0MP meets the 5" 1080p display for a stunning way to take, view and share photos.

Dual Capture

Just because you're recording the video doesn't mean you can't be in the shot. Dual Capture uses both the front and the rear cameras, so you can record both the game-winning shot and your own celebration at the same time.


Set Eraser before you start taking pictures and make sure you get the perfect image every time. Were random people walking through the background of your shot? Use Eraser to erase background distractions with just one touch.

Motion Shot

Track every part of movement in one shot to create a photo that's as memorable as the moment.

Live Filters

Add a little more sun to your sunset or enhance the mood with your choice of dozens of filters.

Story Album

Turn your photos into keepsakes. Share your ski trip snaps right from the slopes. And on your way home, make them into a printed photo book delivered right to your door.

Amazing in a Whole New Way

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 unites imagination and innovation. With Air View, you can flip through your photos and get a preview of each shot just by hovering your finger over the picture. Samsung Smart Scroll automatically scrolls the page for you, so you can read an article even if your hands are full.

Air View

Hover your finger over photos, files, links and text for an instant preview, so you can check an e-mail's attachment during a meeting without waiting for a download or missing any of the conversation.

Air Gesture

Skip to the next song, check your notifications or, if you're driving, automatically answer a call on speakerphone just by waving your hand over your Samsung Galaxy S 4.

Samsung Smart Scroll

Read a page-turner without ever turning a page. Tilt the Samsung Galaxy S 4 to automatically scroll through content at your natural pace.

Smart Pause

Make sure you never lose your place while watching a video. With Smart Pause you can watch any video you recorded, and if you look away from the screen, the video will automatically pause and wait for you to return.

Control Your Entertainment

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is geared for a good time. Its infrared sensor is the same technology as your remote control, so you can change the TV channel from your phone.

Samsung Hub

Just launch Samsung Hub and open up a world of fun. You'll find a wide variety of movies, shows, music and e-books, all in one place with just one sign-in.


This enables the Galaxy S 4 to work like a universal remote to let you control any television, and it totally reinvents your TV guide to learn exactly what you love to watch. It will also search for content on your on-demand video services.

Breaking All the Rules

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 does the things you always wished your phone could do. Why switch back and forth between two apps when you can use two at the same time? Why wait until you're on your desktop to edit a Microsoft Word document? It's time doing the little things became easier so you can make the big things happen.

Multi Window

Follow the game live and tweet about every play as it happens. Use your notes while you're writing an e-mail. With Multi Window, you can use two apps side by side just like a PC.

Polaris Office

Don't just open documents — edit them. Check quarterly reports in Microsoft Excel, add comments in Word, or update PowerPoint presentations right from your palm.

Samsung Smart Switch

Load your iTunes backup right onto your Samsung Galaxy S 4. It'll automatically find your apps on Google Play and recommend similar ones if there's no direct match. Plus it will easily transfer your contacts, calendar events, photos and more — all in one quick setup.*

*Smart Switch is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Apple, Inc. Use only in accordance with law. Certain content (such as DRM protected content) may not be compatible. Consult any applicable terms and conditions with your content providers to ensure that you have rights to transfer content off your previous device.

SAFE (Samsung For Enterprise) lets you work without worry on your office network or wherever you happen to be working. And if you're using your personal device on the job, KNOX keeps work data secure and your personal stuff private.**

**SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) is a mark for a Samsung device tested for security and is specifically configured with enterprise use in mind. For information about Samsung's SAFE program and the security solutions tested with a SAFE device, please refer to


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Catch Any Moment

Amazing Features

Breaking Rules

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