What's new about Share Everything?

You'll no longer have to wade through lots of plan options with varying minutes, message and data add-on options. You just make one decision — how much data you will need — the rest is all included and unlimited.

What does a Share Everything plan include?

Share Everything Plans include unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and a single pool of data to share with 1 to 10 lines on an account. Plus, Share Everything includes Mobile Hotspot so, if you use a mobile hotspot-capable device, you can connect and share your data with multiple Wi-Fi–enabled devices.

I am a current Verizon Wireless customer. Do I have to change my plan to a Share Everything plan?

While you're not required to change to a Share Everything plan, you may want to check out the benefits of the new plans. If you decide to change to a Share Everything plan, you can do so without a fee or having to extend your contract term.

I have an unlimited data plan on my account. Do I need to change it?

You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do decide to upgrade your phone and extend your contract, then unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer, you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.

Are there plans for data-only devices?

Yes, there are Share Everything Data Only plans for those interested in just connecting data-only devices such as tablets, Jetpacks, laptops, netbooks, etc. to the Verizon Wireless Network.

If I have a family plan, do all the lines need to change?

If you upgrade your phone and keep your plan the same, your family plan can stay the same. (Except if you have unlimited data in which you would need move to a tiered data on the single lines you are upgrading). If one line moves to Share Everything, all lines must move to Share Everything.

What about single line accounts?

Share Everything plans are for accounts with 1 to 10 lines of service and single line accounts enjoy the same benefits as accounts with multiple lines. Share Everything includes Mobile Hotspot at no additional cost, so you can connect and share your plan’s data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi–enabled devices.

Can I keep my current unlimited data plan?

The only way to keep unlimited data is to buy a phone at the unsubsidized, outright price. Any phone purchased as part of a contract at a subsidized price will lose unlimited data.

What are the existing, upgrade-eligible plan options?

Can only select lines on accounts share data?

No, if one line on a family plan transitions to Share Everything, all lines must transition to Share Everything.

How is my tablet affected by Share Everything?

Verizon Wireless will now have only month-to-month agreements for tablets. New tablet customers will no longer have an option for two-year contracts on any available service pricing including Share Everything or Mobile Broadband plans for tablets. While new tablet customers will be required to pay an activation fee at the time of activation, early termination fees and upgrade fees will not apply. Existing customers who purchased tablets with a two-year agreement are still required to complete their contract terms.

Will two-year agreements be required for Jetpacks, laptops and netbooks?

There are no changes to contract options for other data-only devices including Jetpacks, laptops and netbooks.

How much does it cost if I go over the data allowance on the Share Everything Plan?

Data overage is $15 per 1 GB.

Can I change my data allowance throughout my contract?


Can I add devices to my plan on a no-contract basis? (e.g., I already have a hotspot device or tablet and want to add it for a month)

Yes, you can add devices on month-to-month or two-year contract terms.

Does the Nationwide 65+ plan still exist? Does the Nationwide for Canada and Mexico plan still exist?

There are no changes to the Nationwide for Canada and Mexico Plans and Nationwide 65+ Plans. These are still available to all customers.

How will I know how much data I am using?

Usage monitoring is available on My Verizon and My Verizon Mobile. Alerts will be sent to Share Everything customers based on the total data use on the account.

Do Share Everything plans apply to business accounts?

Yes, Share Everything plans can be used on Business Accounts; however, the existing Nationwide Business plans will also remain.

What are the new and upgrade fees?

$35 activation fee per line and $30 upgrade fee per line.