Frequently Asked Questions — Roady XT

What is the Delphi Roady XT?
The Roady XT is the third generation Roady product from Delphi. It is the smallest and lightest plug and play satellite radio receiver on the market. The Roady XT comes with everything needed to function in a vehicle.

How does it work?
The receiver accepts the 150 Channel, XM signal through the mini-micro antenna and plays in the vehicle with three different options. The tape adaptor comes with the unit and the built-in wireless FM transmitter makes any radio an XM radio. Simply turn the radio to the same station as the receivers' preset FM frequency and 100% digital music will be playing through the vehicle's speakers. The third option is the FM Direct Adaptor, which plugs into the head unit and cuts out all other FM frequencies so the receivers┬┐ transmitter works with no interference.

How does the wireless FM transmitter work?
Because many vehicles today have the FM antenna in the front or rear window, the internal FM Modulator also transmits the FM signal via the XM antenna as this is closer to the actual vehicle's FM antenna.

How many user-selected frequencies can the built-in FM Modulator on the Roady XT receiver transmit audio on, turning any FM radio into an XM radio?

My dashboard backlight is a different color; does Roady XT have a display to match?
Roady XT has seven different display colors that illuminate throughout the entire unit.

What vehicle mounting options are there for the Roady XT?
The Roady XT comes with a swivel dash mount, vent adaptor, or the hook-and-loop fastening tape for your convenience.

What does the jump button do?
This feature allows the Roady XT receiver to easily switch between the last two channels that were tuned to.

What is the Info/Extras feature?
Scrolling stock quotes
Scrolling sports scores
Clock & more

Can I get up-to-date sports scores with my Roady XT?
Yes, Roady XT has a sports ticker that is customizable to your favorite teams.

What is tune select? Tune select automatically alerts you when 20 of your favorite songs or artists are playing on any other XM channel. Simply press and hold the "Select" button for 3 seconds to add the song or artist playing into the tune select bank.

What type of information is stored when the Memory Button on the front panel of the Roady XT receiver is pressed?
A screen print of the artist, song title, channel number and channel name for easy recall.

Does the antenna work if placed inside the vehicle?
It is recommended to install the antenna on the roof of the vehicle for optimal performance. If this is not an option, placing the antenna on the dashboard as close to the windshield as possible will still get you the proper signal to hear XM radio. It is possible to experience disruption with the antenna located inside the vehicle.

Does Roady XT work with any other Delphi accessories?
The Roady XT works with the Delphi XM Signal Repeater, the FM Direct Adaptor, the 50' Antenna Extension Cable, and its very own remote. The existing home antenna and audio patches work with the Roady XT. The current MyFi AC power adaptor also works with this unit.

Does the Roady XT have a battery, so it can be used like MyFi?
No, Roady XT does not have a battery. It has a home and vehicle power adaptor in which it docks to receive power.