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SlingLink™ TURBO

Want a Slingbox but your TV is in a different room than your router?

It's easy to connect them with a SlingLink TURBO set. Each set consists of a 1-port unit that you connect to your router and a 4-port unit that you can connect to your Slingbox and three other compatible devices, such as your DVR, Media Center and game console. There's no need to have more cables or wires installed in your home and you don't need software to get it up and running.

Network Connectivity

Just plug one SlingLink TURBO into the wall outlet near your router, and plug in the other wherever you have your Slingbox installed, and voila! You're connected.

The SlingLink TURBO brings network connectivity to any electrical wall outlet, making it ideal for the modern home. With four switched ports, it connects your Slingbox, game console, DVR, computer or anything with a standard Ethernet jack to your router. It's a simple-to-use Ethernet connection bridge.


  • 85 Mbps Intellon Chipset
  • HomePlug 1.0 Turbo Compatible
  • Ethernet Standard