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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition - Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Sega  |   SKU: 6883523
Release Date: 2/12/2013  |  
ESRB Rating: E=Everyone
Customer Reviews
3.0 of 5 3.0 of 5 (1 reviews)
May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, and/or mild language. Check below for details

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You can see the checkered flag in the distance. You hear an engine rev behind you, but you can't look back. Your eyes are pinned on the victory ahead of you. Suddenly, the road falls out from underneath your tires and becomes miles of endless water — this truly is racing transformed. Speed down winding highways as Sonic or one of his many All-Star friends, leaving nothing but dust in your wake as you clobber your opponents. The crowd is calling your name. Do you have what it takes to become an All-Star?

Overtake your opponents as Danica Patrick, Wreck It Ralph or any of the 20 classic Sega characters and racing heroes in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Defeat the competition through 16 different courses, each more challenging than the last. Weave through air, land or water in a vehicle that changes from car to boat and to plane as you race — and you must master all three to win. Aim one of your many weapons at your opponents to ensure a solid lead, but watch out — dangerous hazards await you at every turn. Compete with style and use daring moves to increase your All-Star meter and unlock new moves. Play online to prove you can take on new modes, such as the Grand Prix, Battle Arenas and even the World Tour. Test your ability to operate all three vehicles with new time trials and dart past your opponents on the new Outrun Bay Track. You can hear the crowd cheering, but will you be the first to cross the finish line?


  • Bonus Edition includes exclusive Outrun Bay track with challenges and time trials, Metal Sonic and transforming vehicle, Metal Sonic Mod Pack and stickers for your in-game driver's license
  • Speed down the track as one of over 20 legendary Sega characters or choose to play as Wreck It Ralph or racing superstar Danica Patrick
  • Operate powerful transforming vehicles that change from cars to boats to planes mid-race — learn to master each one to become a racing legend
  • Test your speed and agility — while avoiding dangerous hazards — as you navigate through 16 challenging, Sega history-inspired courses
  • Adapt to different tracks, discover alternate routes, find new power-ups and more, but watch out — the road beneath your wheels can turn to water or air at any moment
  • Push the limits, try daring moves and stylishly finesse your racing style to increase your All-Star meter and unleash devastating attacks on your competitors
  • Win the Grand Prix, challenge all in Battle Arenas and prove your worth in the World Tour when you battle it out in thrilling multiplayer races for up to eight players

Customer Reviews

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition - Nintendo 3DS (0 out of 1)
Just alright
Posted by: from Milwaukee,WI on 04/27/2013I wanted something to kill time with and for that purpose, this game is great. but nothing else
  • Age : 25-34
  • Gender : Male

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