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OUYA — A New Kind of Game Console

A powerful, beautifully designed game console for the TV. Get ready to see console gaming in a new way. You will recognize all the genres that you love: shooters, platformers, RPGs, puzzlers, arcade classics and many more — but the breadth of developers will surprise you. Because every game is free to try, you will not only see titles from the big publishers, but also from independent game developers who are creating new and unique games — some exclusively for OUYA. Innovative, creative, inventive games will be the staple.

Critical to console gaming is the controller. The OUYA controller is precise, accurate and fast. You will love it. Best of all, the controller is powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 3 QuadCore processor for the best in high-performance gaming.

Gaming Innovation from OUYA

OUYA removes the barriers of traditional console gaming, as every game is free to try. You might end up investing in that coin doubler, buying the healing elixir that extends your life, or unlocking the full version of the game, but everything, absolutely everything, is free to try. We believe you shouldn't have to buy it unless you love it.

So choose any game and play away. When you love it, you'll let the developer know by buying that new sword or downloading the remaining 10 levels of the game.

Starting with hundreds of titles, and growing every day, you will see some of your favorites, but also games that scratch that itch you've been ignoring for years. You can play Final Fantasy III by Square Enix, hop over to Bard's Tale by inXile, or be transported back to your youth with the awesome Super Crate Box by Vlambeer. We promise you'll have new favorites almost immediately.

And if you're inspired to develop a game, OUYA would love to have it. Every console is also a development kit, and with our free OUYA Development Kit (ODK), you have all the tools you need to create and publish games for the console. The console also has entertainment apps like VEVO, iheartradio, TuneIn,, XMBC and Plex for watching video and more.

OUYA Specifications

• nVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor
• 8GB internal flash storage, expandable via USB 2.0 port
• Up to 1080p HD output via HDMI connection
• 5.1 surround sound
• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and ethernet port
• Bluetooth
• Micro USB port
• Wireless controller with standard game controls and touchpad


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OUYA - Wireless Controller for OUYA

Model: 8289047
SKU: 8289047
Gain more precision, speed and options for your gameplay
Customer Reviews: 3.6 of 5 3.6 of 5 (5 reviews)
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