Alley Tramp/Over 18...and Ready [DVD]

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Special Features

  • Digitally Remastered
  • Original theatrical trailer for Alley Tramp!
  • Bonus Trampy trailers for The All-American Girl, Girl in Trouble, Lola's Mistake, Monique my Love, A Sweet Sickness, Teenage Tramp and The Teaser!
  • Before becoming a slut, learn how to "Think Things Out in the Heat of the Moment" with classroom scare: Film#1: Toward Emotional Maturity!
  • When a good girl goes to the senior dance at a Tiki Bar, it leads to sin on the beach, an attack from her drunken dad, and attempted suicide in classic christian scare-film #2: Teenage Diary!
  • Join two darling little tramps as they hang out in hose & garters in the vintage peeping peepland short #3: Smoke rings


Alley Tramp
A teenager develops a ravenous appetite for physical love in this vintage sexploitation drama. Marie (Julie Ames) is a sixteen-year-old girl whose sexual curiosity goes into overdrive when she comes home one evening to discover her parents making love with no small enthusiasm. The next day, Marie's third cousin Phil (Steve White) stops by to help with her French homework, and Marie seduces him. Soon Marie and Phil are cutting class on a regular basis for assignations in cheap motels and in the woods; while Phil wants to get married, Marie isn't interested and insists cousins aren't allowed to wed. Meanwhile, Marie's father is having an affair with his secretary and is rarely seen at home, while his wife Lily (Ann Heath) retaliates by picking up strange men at cocktail lounges. Lily becomes aware of Marie's budding nymphomania when the teenager beds one of Lily's recent conquests, but Marie's recklessness catches up with her when she discovers she's pregnant. Alley Tramp was directed by legendary exploitation auteur Herschell Gordon Lewis, though for some reason the entire cast and crew were given French pseudonyms, with Lewis credited as Armand Parys. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Over 18... And Ready
A would-be actress learns the hard way about the dirty underside of show business in this sleazy bit of black and white sexploitation. Lyn (Mary McRea) came to Hollywood to become an actress, but so far her only job in show business has been working as a secretary for Barney Merritt (Larry Martinelli), a producer of fly-by-night sex films. When Lyn learns that Barney is having trouble casting the leading role in his next picture, a "roughie," Lyn asks him for the part ("I'm sure I can act and one doesn't have to be the greatest actress to be in one of these films"). Barney isn't convinced that giving the role to Lyn would be a good idea, so she hires Gerry (Gary M. Fox), a photographer, to take some nude cheesecake shots of her to persuade the producer she has what it takes. Gerry falls hard for Lyn after they enjoy a brief tryst at his studio, and she's taken with him as well, but ironically his photos help keep her away from him when Lyn gets the role in the film. Barney assures Lyn that if she really wants the part she has to sleep with him, and before long his sexually ambidextrous wife Billie (Margo Stevens) also has her eye on the would-be starlet and insists that she move into their home. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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