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Antennas Direct - ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna - Gray

Receive HD programming with this Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse ESGXG-1 indoor antenna, which features a 20dB in-line preamplifier system that provides reliable amplification. Sure Grip technology lets you attach the antenna to most flat surfaces.
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Very simple antenna with amazing results Posted by: from: on I was very surprised at how well this worked for me. All I did was hang it up on the wall and did the channel scan and got 15 channels that came in perfect here in central Maine. ...usually indoor antennas don't work here in Maine, but this one was just like a outdoor antenna I use to own. I highly recommend this antenna :)

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Average 50 Mile Range Directional HD Antenna Posted by: from: on This is a directional antenna with an average range of 50 miles. It works best from a window pointed toward your nearby city's broadcast antennas. It also works best the higher up it is placed from ground level, as I am in a second floor apartment and if I move it slightly down from the top of the window I lose some channels. Do not rely on the self adhesive to stick to the window or to a wall, but try to feed it through a venetian blind or over a curtain rod for support. Yes, you do need to have the TV near a window and also an additional AC plug to use the AC adapter for additional power, which does work. If you do not have clear line of sight to the broadcast antennas, you are going to get marginal reception, again depending on how much you are pushing that 50 mile range limitation.

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The best one I tried Posted by: from: San Dimas, CA on this antenna didn't work as well as I wanted it to but I think I had unrealistic expectations for it. I've discovered that we live in a generally poor reception area and after trying multiple antennas this one did work the best but still wasn't good enough for me. I had flash backs to the old bunny ears days, yelling at the dogs and kids to hold still when the picture was clear.

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Easy to use antenna gets all channels in HD Posted by: from: on This antenna is very easy to set up and install. My favorite part about it is the sure grip technology that attaches the antenna to a window or wall. It was very easy to place and stays exactly where you want it with a secure grip. I get all the channels from Providence to Boston in 1080HD. It looks great on my 60 inch tv. I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

Great Product Posted by: from: on I've been using this for about a month now, and it's been great. I live in Austin, about 10 miles south of the broadcasting hub. The antenna is on a window that faces north (toward the signal). My neighborhood has a lot of trees (including several large trees right in front of the antenna). And oddly enough for Austin, we've had a good amount of rain since I bough the antenna. With all of that, the picture is extremely crisp. No lag between audio and video. I pick up all of the major networks, PBS, and a few other broadcast channels. Even during rain, the signal is strong. At first the signal seemed very weak, but I soon realized why. After setting up your antenna, you need to have your TV scan through all the channels ("auto program"). After doing this, my signal was much stronger and very reliable. I can also use the "guide" button to see what's on, just like you would with cable or satellite.

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Just at the borderline of great reception... Posted by: from: on I had a lot of hope that this would be a great antenna. It's not at all's not excellent, though! I'm 36 miles from the towers, but the antenna seems to have me just at the border--probably because I live in an urban area (Los Angeles), where there's a lot of interference. Admittedly, I know not of antennas, so I only go by what I read in terms of what's supposed to work great. This works on the border of great with some problems occasionally with network channels. For the most part, we have had no big problems...I wish the cable was about 5 feet longer so it would not be elevated off the ground and that the price was lower for the reception quality. I do love that it's small and blends into the wall color. Overall, really good antenna, but not the best!! I would recommend to a friend if they knew they had a clearer path to the reception towers or lived about 25 miles away.

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

Very good value for the price Posted by: from: on I "cut the cable" 5 years ago, in a different city, and never looked back. If you are looking at OTA antennas you are contemplating the same. After having an outdoor antenna for 4 years I waited several months to buy this unit, in my new city, because I was dubious of the reception of an indoor antenna because ALL the antennas are 18-30 miles to the southeast of me, with a densely populated city and many structures in between. (The previous antenna was a larger, ($$) Clearstream antenna made for roof or attic placement.) I've only had this indoor unit 2 days, but trial and error has resulted in between 42 & 57 channels, depending on the exact location. (It is interesting how moving it only 2 feet left or right, then rescanning, can result in as many as 8 additional or different channels.) Considering the limitations of my current location, I am very pleased with both the number of channels and the quality of reception. As a second OTA antenna, I've learned a few things about OTA antenna usage: - Every time you move it, you must rescan the TV to see the effects of the move. - try a window first....any window. Even though it has a multi-directional feature, I first placed in on a wall "facing" the direction of most antennas in my area (southeast). I got roughly 40 channels. "Not bad" I thought. Then I placed it on a window facing directly west and rescanned. I got 52 channels. So try a window first. - Reception quality of some channels will change depending on time of day. Some channels that are choppy/lagging during the day come in very clear, with no chop/lag, in the evening. I found that on my first antenna as well. - In general, higher is better. But don't assume any pattern holds. Meaning just because you moved it 2 feet west and got 5 fewer channels, that 2 more feet west will result in more loss of channels. It doesn't seem to work that way. At least, it didn't for me. - After a rescan, when you cycle through the list of channels, some channels will need a few seconds to hone in on the signal. Both this antenna and the previous one had some channels that were choppy at first, then over 15-30 seconds became clear with no chop. Patience. Give this unit, or any other OTA antenna a try. You may be surprised what TV viewing is available outside of cable or satellite..not to mention free streaming online.

17 out of 17 found this review helpful.

Great Antenna! Posted by: from: on I am so excited about this! As a 20-something struggling with quality vs. quantity vs. my budget, this ended up working out really well for me! I don't have much space, so I'm a HUGE fan of the small size. After testing out a few different locations to get the most/best signals, I am SO excited to be watching my shows for FREE!! Budget-wise, a monthly cable bill was just not an option for me, so I am more than happy to pay the one-off price for a really good antenna. From my experience so far, I've had a really reliable signal. If I have to experiment again with positions or something, this antenna makes it so easy so I'm not worried. I do have Netflix, but for keeping up with my shows and live TV, this is a life-saver!

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Picks up all channels around me Posted by: from: on Research and reading reviews led me to purchase this antenna. Purchased this for use on a second floor outward facing apartment in a small downtown area. First, installed without the amplifier, and picked up what looks like all of the listed channels from the surrounding areas. I ended up moving the antenna from it's original location because I was getting fuzzy signal, and when I moved it, I installed the amplifier. Did not add any channels when I did a re-scan, but I no longer have issues with weak signals. Overall very pleased. Great one-time purchase that gives me access to the TV I want to watch without the cable subscription.

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Needs an additional amplifier to pull in signal Posted by: from: Hartford, CT on Does not work on its own. Once I channeled the signal through a stand alone antenna amp I happened to have it worked fine picking up about 20 channels. Had I not had the extra amp I would have returned it.

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