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Apple - Dock Connector-to-VGA Adapter for Apple® iPad® - White

Use this dock connector-to-VGA adapter to connect your Apple iPad to a TV, projector or VGA display and watch videos and slideshows on the big screen with family and friends.
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Poor Software Support Posted by: from: Los Angeles, CA on We bought (and are buying) quite a few of these for our fleet of iPads and it doesn't really make sense to have a 1:1 ratio. You won't be using this very often. You would think that this would output all of the iPad's video to the VGA connector, but that's not how it works as of 07.28.2010 version of iPad software. It only works in certain apps, and with some apps you would expect it to work, it doesn't! Cable quality is fair and it looks like it will last a few years of use--the reality is that it'll last a few centuries in your parts drawer since you won't be using it very much. The video that it does output is very good. No flicker or refresh problems on our HDTVs. BIG PROBLEM: you can't charge while you use this so you better be sure that you HAVE A FULL BATTERY CHARGE on the iPad if you are doing pre-show setup for a presentation. If the pad sits on the podium displaying a pre-show slide...

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As expected. Posted by: from: MN on This attachment is well built and easy to use. You have to be using a compatible program like Keynote or a video though. Keynote is only for presentations. I used this in a high profile presentation and it made me look like an advanced technogeek. The Pad fires up quickly and the adapter just plugs in. It is SO easy! Perhaps the next Padware will allow for a duplicate screen output so that when you are working on one program you can see the other one at the same time? Not yet though. (Bummers, but if you read enough reviews you know this going in so it is not a huge letdown.)

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Works great but just 1 thing Posted by: from: Jericho, Vermont on This thing works unbelievably great. Works with every single app, supports rotation, there seems to be no problems at all. I think the reason there are so many negative reviews on this product is because it only works fully with the iPad 2 (which is the iOS device I have) and the Dual Core A5 chip. Theres only one thing that keeps me from giving this 5 stars, and that is that the I think the cord itself. The cord I believe is too short, sometimes I try to move the iPad then all of a sudden, the part that connects to the iPad just disconnects on you. So, I think if the cord were to be longer, then I would have less trouble with it. It's still however a very good useful tool.

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Current very limited functionality Posted by: from: Sacramento, CA on At least with the current 3.2 software, this VGA adapter is very limited. Of the built-in apps, the only items that are sent out the VGA output are YouTube videos, and slideshows within the Photos app. All videos I tried to output from the Videos app were blocked. As for add-on apps, supposedly Keynote supports the VGA. Netflix and ABC Player definitely don't support it. I seem to have more functionality with Apple's component and AV cables. Also, unlike those cables, you cannot keep the iPad charging at the same time with this adapter. Apple has an article with more info: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4108

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The product does what it is supposed to do Posted by: from: Cincinnati, OH on I am not sure why so many people are posting up 1 star reviews. I guess they didn't read anything about video output and just expected every app out there to have video out capabilities. Now, with the iPad 1 (along with the 4G iPod touch and iPhone 4, both of which this accessory works with!), you need to have an app that supports video output. You won't be able to plug it in and expect everything to work. Keynote will work when in slideshow mode, you can watch movies with the Video app, etc. The instructions have to actually be in the app in order for video to be coming out of those older devices. The iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone 4S all support display mirroring which means you can plug this in and immediately get some type of video output showing the contents of your iDevice (just like a full fledged notebook). This means that everything will be displayed through the VGA connector regardless of if the app supports video output or not. For example, I can play Angry Birds and have it mirrored to my HDTV or projector. There are limitations to it though as certain apps will lock video output. Hulu Plus and HBO Go come to mind where they won't allow the iPad to output video using this adapter (Netflix works though). Copy protected music videos (the older ones), TV Shows, and Movies also can't be output using this accessory. That is why the VGA adapter is more geared towards business use. Apple released their HDMI adapter last year and that works with Hulu Plus along with copy protected video content purchased from the iTunes Store. It still doesn't work with HBO Go. VGA is really a legacy video connection in this day and age when notebooks, graphics cards, and monitors are working with mini display port and HDMI. However, many businesses and institutions still heavily rely on VGA due to having older equipment (that and business oriented projectors still tend to focus on just VGA input). That and VGA has never, ever supported audio output whereas HDMI carries both video and audio. Do yourself a favor and pick this VGA adapter up only if you plan on using your iPad/iPod/iPhone in a business/school related environment. Otherwise you will have limited functionality (some of that is due to the MPAA) with some apps/functions.

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Cable is good, but the apps... Posted by: from: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on If you want to work with your iPad, this is definitively a must buy. However, I didn't like the fact few apps are compatible with this cable. Not a problem with the cable itself: it's a problem with the apps that weren't written to use it (including iPad "Finder"). It works perfectly, but may be disappointing to many people out there willing to buy this item to project everything. It's not gonna happen.

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Does what it is supposed to Posted by: from: Iowa on I needed to connect my iPad to an overhead projector for a class I am teaching because my laptop died. This worked great. If you are thinking of buying this you need to know it does not work the same as when you connect a regular laptop to a projector. Not all of the apps are compatible with output. When you connect the iPad, your output device will say "no signal" until you open an app that is compatible. Some of the apps that work include Netflix, YouTube, keynote, photos, just to name a few. Safari is not compatible.

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Good product but the packaging lacked key info Posted by: from: Fairfax, VA on there is no information on the packaging to indicate that it only works with iPad 2 or 3. In fact, there is virtually no info on the packaging which might be helpful to the users. It does not even tell you what it is or what it can be used for. So i have made a wasted purchase. It took me quite a lot of time to figure out that is was not designed to work with iPad 1

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Just plug it in and you're projecting Posted by: from: Portland, OR on Bought 5 of these for the sales team to use when presenting to customers from their iPads. If you don't need to rotate the iPad, it's fine; but if you do need to rotate, the cord is so short, it'll pull out and then you're disconnected.

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Great Posted by: from: on Love this and use it constantly for my job and travel!

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