Apple - iPad™ Digital Camera Connection Kit

Connect your digital camera or iPhone® to your iPad with this connection kit for transferring photos to your iPad.
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Works well with Plug and Play Ease Posted by: from: Denver, CO on The camera connector kit comes with two connectors. One with an SD slot, the other a USB connector intended to be connected directly to the camera. A pleasant surprise with this, it it can also be used to connect other low powered USB devices. The main one I was happy about was the ability to connect a card reader as one of my cameras uses the larger Compact Flash (CF) memory cards. I have also connected one of Apples USB Keyboards. USB Hard Drives are out, unless they are externally powered. I know a lot of folks felt Apple should have included these in the box. I don't know that I agree with that, as not all iPad users will use the Pad for uploading photographs and therefore many iPad users will never have a use for them. The only two complaints I have (1) As another viewer suggested it is two more items to carry along with the iPad or in your camera bag, and possibly misplace/lose (2) It would have been nice if they would have included (or offer separately), a larger module that would hold CF cards without the need for the cable. or card reader.

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Great to Have Some Connectivity Posted by: from: USA on This product performs as advertised and will not disappoint. There are two plug-in products in the package - one with an iPad connection on one end and a USB on the other (which is for connecting directly to your digital camera). The second plug-in item has the iPad connection on one end and an SD card reader slot on the other. This provides all of the connectivity available for the iPad, and are two items that should be included in the iPad package, but since it is not, I recommend you purchase this.

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Pretty Good Product... If you manipulate things! Posted by: from: Evansville, IN on You get two products in the box, a USB and an SD card reader. Both work very well and instantly choose what pictures you want to import. Even better when you learn how to manipulate the data! The readers (OS) are set up to only read certain file types in a certain directory. Once you figure this out you can actually get almost anything onto the iPad using one of the card readers. For instance, rename a text doc with a jpg extension, put int the the right directory, choose it to import (you won't see an image obviously) and then use a file management app to move the "jpg" file to another directory, rename it back to what it should be and then open it with quick office or even pages... Boom, no itunes to deal with! You can also reverse this process. So if you're a hacker wanting to "buck the system" you can do it with this device and the right apps.... (Not for the everyday user if you're faint at heart though!)

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IPad Camera Connect Posted by: from: USA on I had no problem connecting my digital camera, and moving pictures to my iPad2. When I tried a USB memory card I got the notice that the device drew to much power. When I tried the SDHC memory card I got nothing, as others have also reported in their reviews of this item. So off to the Internet in search of answers, at Apple support forum a search quickly found the needed answer. The SDHC card must be camera formatted then the taken with camera can be moved to the iPad. So I can do some things with this kit, but as of right now I can,t use just any non camera formatted memory cards or my USB memory devices. Maybe later I will find a way to use them, but I still feel this Apple device is useful.

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Timesaver!!! Posted by: from: Scarsdale NY on I personally do not like synching my photos that I have on my computer via iTunes. It takes forever, and if you make any changes, it erases your previous photos. With this device, I use an SD card (SD or SDHC) to transfer photos I already have on my computer to my iPad quickly. The trick I've learned as one other reviewer said, is to create a DCIM folder on the SD card before copying files to it. (of course you don't have to do this if the card came directly from your camera.) I also do the same for videos I've taken with my digital camera. If you've re-named the files, just re-name them back to similar names that your camera automatically does, like CIMG1234.JPG or CIMG1234.AVI. Your iPad will recognize the files and import them. Great timesaver, and it's amazing how great the photos and videos look on the iPad.

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Works but has limitations and poor documentation Posted by: from: Sacramento, CA on I purchased this product to import photos to my iPad and due to poor documentation and knowledge of the people who sell this product (including Apple) it was less than a positive experience. Once I did figure it out it worked well within the limitation of the adapter and Apple's software on the iPad. If you are using your SDHC card straight from the camera then this product works as advertised and is a good buy for those who want to use the product in that way. This product will NOT recognize .jpg photo files that are copied to a SDHC card from a computer. For those of us who copy, process and rename photos on our computer after the fact using Adobe or Nikon NX2 or other type of software this product is NOT a good fit. In order for the iPad software to recognize photo files that are not straight from a digital camera you have to: 1. Create a directory named DCIM on your SDHC card 2. Rename any photos you want to import to your iPad in the following format: (P0001, P0002, P0003, etc.) 3. Copy the renamed files to the DCIM directory. The iPad software will then recognize the files and begin the process of loading the files so they can be imported. Until this is done the iPad simply does nothing. I may be the exception to the average user but I am sure that there are other photographers out there that post process their photos in a work flow fashion and hopefully this review will prevent some frustration on their part. It would be helpful if Apple would remove this limitation in a future firmware update or add a simple paragraph to their documentation that would spell out the limitation or restriction.

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Worth the price over off brands Posted by: from: Enerprise, AL on I have purchased this as a gift for my mother and both my siblings and finally decided to purchase one for myself. I use it with The New iPad. It is easy plug and play, no need to download an app to use it. Adding this made it really easy to veiw my photos on the go without having to carry my laptop in addition to everyting else. I have tried a couple different off brand card readers for the iPad but I a much happier with this. I have an Otterbox case on my iPad and although it is a tight fit, this adapter it the only one I have tried that fits without having to remove the case.

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Does exactly what it says Posted by: from: Texas on I use this with my Canon 50D. Being that the Canon only uses CF cards, I've only used the USB portion of this kit. It picks up the photos nicely, but the previews are small. The iPad surprised me by being able to recognize RAW files, but it handles them well. Great to snap some photos and so a client on the fly.

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More than Camera Connection Kit Posted by: from: Los Angeles on Too bad it's called a camera connection kit -- since this connector lets you connect many other devices to your iPad. So far, all of my USB devices such as microphones & audio interfaces have also worked. Nowhere on the package does it say you can do this.

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For more than photos... Posted by: from: Richmond on This kit contains two adapters - one allowing use of SD card, the other providing USB support. The USB port canbe used to connect headphones, keyboards, etc as long as their power consumption is low. Also to transfer photos and h.264 videos from USB thumb drives (place them in a DCIM folder)> Videos will be available (once transferred) in the Photo's app. You can use this same video trick on an SD card.

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