Aquarium — PRE-OWNED - Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating: Everyone
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Destineer
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Genre: Turn Based Strategy|Simulation
  • Release Date: 03/11/2011
  • Color Category: Multi
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There's nothing more relaxing than watching fish swim in a tank. Now you can take your own tank with you wherever you go thanks to Aquarium. Best of all, there's no water or temperature to monitor and no tank to clean.

Aquarium lets you create and decorate a tropical fish tank. You can adorn it with rocks and plants, and even include various whimsical figurines. Populate it with 30 different species of fish, including angelfish, clownfish and neon tetras that you can feed, breed or just enjoy as they swim.

Product Features

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Create, decorate, populate and manage your very own fish tank

Watch 30 different types of tropical fish, including clownfish, angelfish and neon tetras

Customize your tank by placing rocks, plants and figurines inside

Share fish with your friends using the DS Wireless Connection

Enjoy the soothing pleasures of a fish tank with no work

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