Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy [6 Discs] [Blu-ray]

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Great 80's movie, but poor packaging Posted by: from: on Great 80's movies, but the packaging is cheap. Would have preferred that it come in a hard sleeve case rather than a flimsy cardboard case.

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A blast to the past (and future) Posted by: from: on This ranks as one of my favorite trilogies. Back to the Future 1-3 are, unquestionably, among the best time-travel movies ever made. It starts in 1985 when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) accidentally takes a time machine back to 1955 and inadvertantly alters history. With the help of Doc Brown (Christopher Llyod), he must return to his own time. Later, Doc and Marty travel to the future and to the Old West. All three movies have lots of action, great comedy and some superb visual effects. Doc Brown is one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy characters and Christopher Lloyd does a great job as the eccentric scientist. The portions that takes place in the past are all very well thought out. Sometimes when you see period pieces, you may notice something that does not fit in with the era, but the 1955 scenes are all consistent with 1985 and the 1885 Western scenes are all consistent with that time and the Western genre. Excellent work by the set designers and prop masters! The Blu-Ray transfer on all three movies is flawless. I have never seen these movies look so good, and I've seen them in theaters as well as on VHS and DVD. The picture is clear and sharply detailed and the sound is outstanding. Universal did a fantastic job with bringing this trilogy to Blu-Ray. The extras include the features from the DVD releases as well as some new retrospective piueces exclusive to Blu-Ray. My favorite extra feature was the interview with noted physicist Michio Kaku when he discussed the physics and mechanics of time travel. It seems Back to the Future is the only accurate representation of time-travel in movies! One thing I found tragic was to see Michael J. Fox as he is today, he is really suffering from the effects of Parkinson's Disease. I know this sounds like a minor complaint, but the Blu-Ray holder in the box set is rather strange. They actually include an instruction manual for how to get the discs in and out of thier holders! If something designed for home video release is that complicated, it is a poorly concieved deisgn. I was able to get the discs out without any damage, but I was not comfortable with putting them back in. I've owned several Universal DVDs and many of them had some strange case design that made getting the DVDs in and out tricky. I was really hoping Blu-Ray would be more standardized and I would not have this problem (for the record 'The Last Starfighter' Blu-Ray was easy enough to work with, no problems). I do not understand why Universal Home Video does this. It won't make me not purchase Universal Blu-Rays in the future, but I still don't care for it. I recommend getting some DVD or CD jewel cases and putting the Blu-Rays in those, you'll be much happier. If anyone from Universal Home Video is reading this, why not just use the same type of holders everyone else uses? Those make things so much easier. For a fun and exciting trip through time, Back to the Future can't be beat.

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One of the best series in motion picture history! Posted by: from: Sacramento, CA. on The "Back to the Future" movies are simply some of the best movies ever made. If you've never seen these films, then you're seriously missing out! Get your copy of this amazing, timeless trilogy today! You won't regret it! A load of fun!! Great family entertainment! They don't make movies like this anymore!

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Perfect bluray transfer Posted by: from: USA on This is the best 80s bluray transfer i have ever seen in bluray ..i have around 150+ blurays.. so its at the top of the heap for quality for it's age This movie trilogy looks like it was filmed in 2011 no joke super master piece to own for bluray. If you loved back to the future on dvd or vhs you will drool over the bluray version

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about time Posted by: from: oklahoma on now this is what i was waiting for to have the whole trilogy on blu-ray i held out for years on the dvd and almost broke down and got em cause the wait was the hard part but this is well worth it especially the extra extras on these newly transfers the quality is well worth it alone like watching it in theater for the first time again and the actors just mad this the best ever

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i am 13 and i love this movie Posted by: from: ny on i was 10 when my mom bote this for my dad i am a big science fiction fan i love time travoll movies but most of them are aboute going to the future but this one focasis onthe past ecept for the beginging of part 2 i did not think i would like this movie but cable went out and my dad had a 50 inch big screen tv in the living room and i have a small old tv and he turned on the trilogy and he also hade saround sound and wene i over herd doc shoting he sent instien his dog into the future i thoute it soundid intristing but did not come out then i herd the delorion time machien ran on plutoniume i came rushing in and wached the whole trillogy then i loved it so much and bote my own copy and i am now 13 wach it on my 33 inch hd flat screen tv with my saround sound every fryday and love to here him shote i just sent him into the future 1 minite into the future to be exact doc are you telling me you put youre dog into a time machien

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BTTF? on Bluray?? What are you waiting for?? Posted by: from: Suisun City, CA on This is the movie that defined the 90s for me. Michael J. Fox is excellent as the smart-aleck Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as the quirky Doc Brown makes the movie so worth it. The plot and the plot device in this movie is very engrossing and works, and as I've said, the characters are very likable. This is definitely a buy for me on day one.

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Good movie Posted by: from: El Paso, Texas on This is a great movie, a true classic. If you are a movie collector then this must be added to your collection.

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#1 Best Movie Posted by: from: Cleveland, OH on The first one is the best movie ever, the second is the second best and the third best movie ever would be... you guessed it Terminator II.. lol But this is a great buy and they could have charged triple that amount and I still would have gotten it. Shhh just don't tell best we are practically stealing them right off the shelf for the price.

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Good Movies Posted by: from: Aurora, IL on This was a good buy. It came not only with the three movies on Blu-Ray but with three digital copies as well. I love watching movies that I grew up with, with my children now that they are older.

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