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Black & Decker - 3-Cup Rice Cooker - White

This rice cooker features a keep-warm cycle that keeps rice warm until you're ready to serve and cool-touch handles that offer safe handling. The removable, nonstick cooking bowl makes cleanup simple.
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Best Buy Customer Reviews

Works Great Posted by: from: on I've only used this rice cooker once but it worked great and the rice came out perfectly!

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Great Product Posted by: from: on This rice cooker is great for me and my daughter. My daughter love to cook with it.

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Easy, Simple, Doesn't boil over, works well. Posted by: from: cambridge/boston massachusetts on This is a classic, simple rice cooker, basically the same as has been made by a few Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese companies since the 60s, if not earlier, but with a couple of minor updates that have made sense over the decades. I got my first Rice Cooker by Panasonic, a little bit bigger, back in the 80s. It lasted me 20 years and I gave it away working to someone who needed it. This B&D is a tad smaller at "3 Cups" instead of "4 Cups," but I could rarely make the full capacity in the other because the light metal lid allowed boilover, which was messy. This B&D come with a heavy glass lid with plastic handle that seems to stay cool alright, and has a vent, so it does not boil over. You can fill this to the highest mark inside the bowl, just below the top, and it won't boil over, even with simple plain white rice. Another nice improvement is that the bowl is nonstick coated with some sort of Teflon coating that works well, and since it doesn't boil over, it's easy to clean: the lid and bowl practically just wipe clean with a sponge after a couple minutes of soaking. An advantage of this being a smaller capacity cooker is that it takes very little counter space. I have a larger and much larger fuzzy logic rice cooker, and while they do a better job on certain things, for the intended purpose, this little guy works great and the keep-warm function is good in that it is always on when not cooking, so you aren't in a rush. You can start the cooker on the way to the store and come home to hot rice, even a couple or three hours later... or overnight for breakfast (not as crazy as you think). I also tried making scrambled eggs in it two different ways (scrambled real eggs, used a nylon spoon, came out great, and second time was EggBeaters which I just poured in to about 1/2", clicked the button to cook, let it cycle, let it set at keep warm with cheese on it and put it between the sides of a pita bread for a very quick breakfast sandwich!) which worked out fine. You can make small breads or cakes in rice cookers, too. Make a giant sized Grands or a mini-bread, or a giant cupcake, and it will just pop out after it cools when you invert it into your hand with a clean towel on it. You can send the kid off to college this, a small microwave and a toaster oven and they can actually make decent meals for themselves. With a little practice, even a box of Mac-n-Cheese can be done in this cooker. It's actually hard to find smaller one-person-one-meal sized rice cookers like this for such a low price, and you will find yourself using it for more than rice on a daily basis. The build quality is about equal to other decently made rice cookers of this simple type. Assuming the switch is durable, you should be able to get many years from it. It really is simple: comes with a minimal manual because that's all you need. White rice: one unit of rice to to units of water (or, to my taste, 1-3/4 units water). The one trick to making good rice is to LET THE MACHINE GO UNTOUCHED until 15 minutes AFTER the "click," then stir the rice with the included paddle to help it dry and separate for another 15 minutes and then serve. DON'T stir rice that has just finished or you're ruin it. Does a pretty good job making classic sushi rice, which is easier than you think. If you don't have a lot of room, don't make a lot of rice at a time or don't have it that often, this is MUCH easier than having to keep an eye on making rice on the stove, which isn't rocket science, but what could be easier than pressing a button, then get this. It's inexpensive and will do the job for years to come, it looks like.

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Didn't last too long Posted by: from: Miami, FL on This rice cooker didn't work the second time I tried to use it. It never made the rice even after pushing down the button and checking the plug. I expected more from a name brand.

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simple and easy Posted by: from: on Great for 2 people. Easy to clean and cooks fast. Over all it does its job and was a great price.

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