Black Friday Tips from Black Friday Pros

Best Buy camper

Black Friday’s creeping up quick. Best Buy is ready for it, but are you? Some of you might be planning to camp out, while others need to figure out a shopping strategy. Either way, our expert Blue Shirts will be hard at work to make sure things go smoothly. Here are some helpful tips from Black Friday pros to make this year the most successful and easiest Black Friday ever.

Mr. Black Friday

Jarvis Johnson has earned the nickname Mr. Black Friday. Every year, he camps outside of Best Buy with a tent, bed, microwave and, most importantly, his big-screen TV. While he waits for the doors to open, he’s busy plotting his game plan once he gets inside the store. His advice?

  • Know what you want.
  • Keep an open mind because you might see something that’s on sale.
  • Don’t forget your money. Seriously. Jarvis forgot cash last year and had to borrow money from his mom.

Expert Advice

Blue Shirts are here to make Black Friday as easy as possible — especially because they know dedicated customers (ahem, Jarvis) will arrive weeks before the sale with tents in hand. Here are some tips from our experienced Blue Shirts:

  • You’ll get a store map before doors open. Use it to plan your deals route.
  • Follow the posted signs. They are there for a reason.  
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Think community

Kevin Sutton once camped outside of Best Buy for 37 days. Yes, you read that right. But one particular Black Friday is etched into his mind. While in his tent, he witnessed a man eat out of a trash can. Kevin offered the man food, and the tradition of deals turned into a tradition of giving as he asked people to start bringing canned food to share. So remember: Be kind. That’s what the holidays are about.

Do your homework

Drayton Guillory used to be a Best Buy shopper, and now he’s a Blue Shirt. So, he really knows the ins and outs of Black Friday. Once he, his dad and uncle scored four TVs in one shopping trip! His secret?

  • Come in a day or two early to scout so you know where everything is located.
  • Get a flyer and pick out the deals you want (read the fine print, because big “doorbuster” items will have limited quantities).
  • Bring friends and family. Divide and conquer.

Go digital

Bypass the lines completely and shop from the comfort of your own home. After all, many of the deals are available both in store and online. And be sure to download the Best Buy mobile app so you can create a wish list and compare products.

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