BLADESTORM: The Hundred Years' War — PRE-OWNED - PlayStation 3

ESRB Rating: Teen
Alcohol reference, Mild language, Violence
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  • Publisher: Koei
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Genre: Action and Adventure
  • Release Date: 09/22/2010
  • Color Category: Multi
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Play the role of a deadly mercenary soldier in BLADESTORM: The Hundred Years' War, a historically themed adventure based on one of the most recognized conflicts in the world. As England and France fought for succession to the French throne, each country's armies became so seriously depleted that they had to fill in the ranks with mercenaries. As one of these lethal reinforcements, it's up to you to lead your army on behalf of your contracted country — England or France. Dodge charging knights and flying cannon blasts amidst the chaotic medieval battlefields. Will you and your men be the last ones standing when the dust settles?

Lead an army consisting of heavy infantry, longbowmen, cavalry, cannoniers and castle-siege specialists. Each independently animated soldier obeys your every offensive and defensive command. Enjoy precise, real-time control of your units with an intuitive user interface and conquer massive armies throughout varying terrain that stretches from the provinces of southern France to the coastal settlements along the English Channel. Establish a reputation as a formidable warrior and leader and grow your war chest, which in turn will attract skilled soldiers to your regimen.

Product Features

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Based on the legendary war of the 14th century that saw England and France hiring mercenary soldiers to replenish their defeated military ranks

Free Mission system lets you contract your army to France or England; lead your chosen group to victory in stunningly realistic battles

Dodge charging knights, flying cannon balls and piercing arrows as horses charge over a chaotic battlefield

Control your whole unit in real time using an intuitive user interface

Varied terrain and richly crafted battlegrounds provide a breathtaking landscape

Battle through realistically depicted areas, such as the provinces of southern France and the coastal towns along the English Channel

Grow your war chest to lure experienced soldiers to your unit; contracts become more attractive as your success increases

Earn your army's respect by building your reputation as a warrior and leader

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