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Car audio equipment, Kicker, since 1973

KICKER Is Fuel for Livin' Loud

The KICKER brand began in 1973 in a single-car garage, with two partners handcrafting pro speaker systems for local needs. Now KICKER's high-performance subwoofers, crystal-clear speakers, and powerful amplifiers are sought worldwide.

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Car subwoofers

Feel the Authority on Bass

KICKER subwoofers continue their legacy of industry-leading performance with bass impact and innovation. They combine advanced components and superior technology as the first and foremost authority on bass.

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Car amplifier

Feed Your Need

KICKER amplifiers feature FIT (Fail-Safe Integration Technology), which is advanced circuitry for the best possible noise rejection, high- and low-level input capability, and the acceptance of output from virtually any factory or aftermarket source.

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Car speakers

Evolve with Your Sound

Using cutting-edge processes and parts, KICKER gives you the absolute closest thing to live sound. KICKER coaxial and component speakers are also designed to fit nearly every make and model of vehicle.

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