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The Power to Save Everything

Use space pack and the Space app to manage and organize your stored files. Access things that you wouldn't normally be able to save locally on your iPhone.

Space pack video iPhone 5, iPhone 5s

More Power,
More Storage

Power, protection and extra storage built into one thin case. Space pack delivers extra battery life and up to 32GB of added storage, giving you the power to save everything.

Everyday protection. All-day power.

Up to 100% Extra Battery Life

The juice pack air ensures you have more than enough power packed into a lightweight, protective case so you're ready to take on the day.

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s Juice pack air video

Power, Protection and Style

Up to 120% Extra Battery Life

The juice pack plus is the perfect balance of extra battery life for tough days or long flights, and durable protection from bumps and drops.

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s Juice pack plus video

Power That's Lighter Than Air

Up to 80% Extra Battery Life

The juice pack helium's elegant ultrathin design easily fits into any pocket or handbag. It's so thin, you won't believe there's a battery inside.

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s Juice pack helium video

Power That Comes Along for the Ride

Compact design with a convenient key ring and integrated charging cables mean you have power available whenever and wherever you need it.

The Power of Color

The powerstation battery line provides reliable power that can quick-charge almost any USB device.

Go Big or Go Home

The powerstation XL is mophie's longest-lasting universal battery. With an ultrapowerful 12,000mAh battery, the XL is fully capable of charging two tablets simultaneously.

Storage + Battery Cases

Battery Cases

Portable Batteries