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Sound System

The Sonos wireless Home Sound System fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music. Their full range of speakers are easy to set up for streaming high-quality music via Wi-Fi, or for outstanding TV and movie sound.

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Setting up a Sonos system is easy


Install the free Sonos app.


Connect speakers to your home wireless network.


Play music from your favorite streaming service or from your existing music files.

Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer Elite, SoundCloud, Google Play, SiriusXM, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Pandora, Tidal, TuneIn

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Wireless speakers

Enjoy Music in Every Room of Your Home

Expand your system into more rooms over time, and pair two Sonos smart speakers to create wider stereo sound.

Product Overview

Sonos Smart Speakers

PLAY:1 Speaker

Compact, surprisingly powerful wireless smart speakers with deep, crystal-clear hi-fi sound.

PLAY:3 Speaker

This mid-sized speaker with immersive hi-fi sound, deep bass, and serious room-filling power sits vertically or horizontally.

PLAY:5 Speaker

The largest wireless speaker, delivering the booming, undiluted sound to fill even your biggest room.

Home Theater


Flood any room with epic full-theater hi-fi sound and wirelessly stream music through one easy-to-use sound bar.


Add deep, detailed bass to your PLAYBAR, and pair with two PLAY:1 speakers for the ultimate 5.1 home theater experience.

Connections for Existing Stereo Equipment


Use CONNECT and the Sonos app to steam music wirelessly to a non-Sonos stereo system or home theater system.


Hook up the CONNECT:AMP to your traditional, wired speakers and use the Sonos Controller app to stream digital music.

Sonos Solutions

3.1 Home Theater System

Includes the Sonos PLAYBAR and SUB for a seamless home theater experience you can control via the Sonos Controller app on your smartphone.

5.1 Home Theater System

Includes the Sonos PLAYBAR and SUB, plus a pair of PLAY:1 speakers.

PLAY:1 2-Room Starter Set

Includes two wireless PLAY:1 speakers for any two rooms in your home — in white or black.

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Sonos Controller App

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Sonos Play:1 Set up

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Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System

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